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    I have used Buildcraft for some time and Industcraft for 6 months. I noticed when I started a single player game on a new world that the latest version of IC2 still has a simple control setup on the geothermal plant. A suggestion I thought of was a tank like bar vertical on the left and a power storage bar on the right but updated to look like the others already have.

    The other thing I noticed is when I use Buildcraft to extract items from the induction furnace I use is unable to extract both sides. I was hoping that it may get worked on so a extraction can be done with a pipe on left and right will remove the resources or a gui that can set the items to split to both side and extract both sides or something.

    Otherwise IC@ is still one of the greatest mods and is greatly appreciated.

    I to am having trouble using the powered wrench to remove 4 MFS Units. I considered it possible that the issue was due to IC2 being ported to craftbukkit and was why the jetpack hover mode doesn't work. a thought that occurred to me was to add a button like the H for the jetpack hover mode that when held down the wrench will remove the said object.

    Since i have played IC2 and tried the nice number of items that the matter allows you to make I realized that clay is not possible to be made by matter. I think the matter should be able to create clay since it's not always easy to get enough to make a large number of blocks or bricks.

    A friend of mine setup a server which runs craftbukkit. we setup the server with a locking feature to lock our jail from intruders called World Gaurd. The downside is Industrialcraft 2 has no ID list I can locate so we can add them to the program so the jail can't be breached. 1 mining laser on explosive blew out the side of the room in a test.

    It would be appreciated if we can get the ID's even just for anything that can explode.

    Thanks for a great mod and I hope your able to help.