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    Just got it tested on .32pre5. Magic Energy Converter accepts items from BC pipes and vanilla hopper, guess it accepts from GT machines too. Just make sure you trying to insert right items (I tested with Netherstar) and not doing it through "face" or output side (output side marked with a dot, while "face" is not so obvious but you can change it with croach+RMB with a wrench).

    Bisphenol A had appeared in large chemistry update, it was a step for making epoxy or something. However chemistry was significantly simplified in last updates so now it seems to be an obsolete (although I think it can be reenabled somewhere in configs).

    I think it's piping that make FPS drop. I have much weaker PC configuration, so FPS was steadily decreasing to the point I realized that it's on the verge of my tolerance. At first I replaced GT pipes with BC ones, after some time I mostly replaced them with pressure pipes since they can hold multiple liquids and actually don't store them in sections, so now my FPS now fluctuates from 20 on start to 35-40 after some time. Taking into account how vast your plumbing network is it seems expected. It's just unbelievable that coffee lake and nvidia ti was overwhelmed by minecraft.

    Well, whatever your decision will be I wish good luck to you, seems like this thread will go in desolation once again.

    It seems that you've solved all new encountered problems with buffers and automation, good work there. All I can say that IIRC fluctuating HU production is specific to thorium (and may be MOX) fuel, when it's uranium you are using there's no such problem. From another sight, are you really that concerned in misuse of 30-60 HU/s? I think it's nothing when your reactor gets 950 HU/s, I would just make reactor on 1000 HU/s output and let that excess power get partly lost while make a system stable. For a better tanks I have mentioned pressure pipes mod, even without using "pipes" it has quite useful fluid tanks with flexible modular construction (they just don't emit fluid on their own, it solved with GT pump covers or BC pipes It has powered fluid outlet to move fluids to pipes when RS is applied). Also IMHO GT pipes is quite hard in use because of sloshing and therefore not using their full transit potential, that can be solved partly by shutter modules, but also more effectively by pump covers that additionally moving fluid further.

    Also how's your water destruction issue? Was it solved with usage of LHE?

    In fact you can use any rotors, just be sure that optimal flow is more than actual flow. Turbine running at 80% of flow just make 80% of its maximal EU while turbine at 120% will make 100%. Water condensed will be in accordance with steam used. From my experience I can only say that HSS-E is good option since it requires less tungsten tan tungstensteel, tungstencarbide, HSS-G. Also it's quite durable compared to other rotors. The only issue that you have to make HSS-G coils to your EBF (which btw demand less tungsten than tungstensteel).

    When you will no longer need those rotors you can just smelt them to ingots, macerate to dust and centrifuge to components.

    I agree that EU reactors are best for thorium burning, for energy production it's better to use uranium since thorium reactor with approximate HU output will require neutron reflectors.

    For the machinery usage it seems that I'm just another type, I don't make assembly lines for operations that will need 1 time a week for 5 minutes or so, but tastes differ, I don't have anything against your style. Although, when recalling my game it's obvious that some automation wouldn't hurt in the end.

    That's strange, my rig just retracts all pipes when reach bedrock and turning off for good, it does not start over and over again. Restarting seems only possible to me if machine controller is used, forcing "enabled" state repeatedly.

    Everything gets clear in comparsion. I had one or two simple reactors for each power tier up to EV, but when started using LCR I forgot about them completely. It's even more comfortable, you don't need to calculate liquid amount in recipes for exact matching solidifier's molds later or plunge excess reagents while losing them, output hatches can even fill fluid cells by themselves so you can load a bunch of materials and large cells and go doing your business elsewhere. Excess reagents can be retrieved by universal fluid cells and be used again later.

    Drill will stop when it will use up all mining pipes. You can check vein's height manually so you can put exact quantity of pipes in rig. There is activity detector cover that emits RS and with use of wireless redstone you can do whatever you want.

    Large chemical reactor is great thing because it does not lose efficiency when overclocked. That will be great when you will make radon or titanium or indium. Most LV recipes will go instant on EV.

    For other machines you will need to make processing arrays (which is quite heavy on materials and technology, compared to cheap PTFE for LCR)

    It doesn't seem to have been mentioned before, but are you sure you didn't build your boiler across chunk borders? Wiki says that it can lead to steam/water loss.

    Another option is to build a small two-layer distillation tower for fast and efficient water distillation.

    After all, if dist.water/steam system doesn't work as closed one, you can go back to using regular water since it's a boiler and not an LHE.

    It's 45 plutonium in average, not so much at all. At the moment you consider building fusion reactor this is nothing compared to other requirements (without spoiling a recipe, for example: 16 stacks of chrome, 512 superconductor wires and most of all the very controller), there are long way ahead, you can just make required amount of plutonium in replicator or reactor many times.

    On the other hand is 12 stacks of lutetium that you will need eventually.

    Also I didn't agitate to switch to thorium completely, it's up to you in the end. I just promoted nuclear technology and described the benefits of using it.

    Soon there will be no such problem as excess LPG for you, tungsten sintering and alloying are those full-time HV/EV processes I mentioned before and you're going to need it much from now on

    NEI says that there is no such seedbag as cactus, sorry for make a confuse, maybe I've mistaken it with some other IC2 build.

    On other hand if you're not going to invest in selection later in game then there's no point in this water gain method, building a pipe for even 300 blocks is way easier than that. Another interesting (but also unpromising) way is to solid down water to snow for dry transportation and liquifying it on other end. Anyway filling up GT large fluid cells is still easier and more efficient.

    Buildcraft may be of choice, it hasn't this unrealistic traits yet Forge Multipart compatible and has kind of it's own built-in pipe logic. Maybe its pipes can be painted too, dunno. Along it has logic gates and some other stuff that may be interesting to you. Pipes are quite cheap but you have Minetweaker so... Also its pipes are partly transparent and you can put facades from almost any block on them.

    the first two worked correctly, the third one just wouldn't form. I tried moving it several times, and when I removed all the pipes around it worked first try. It's not even the first time it happens.

    Bet I know this issue, took me couple of hours to figure out: 9 blocks in front of turbine must be completely free of anything beyond air. In my case that was a torch that prevented turbine to form (in some tries it formed partly: hatches became included but multiblock did not form in the end). I think its specific to large turbines and large diesel engines only.

    I’m doing a lot of work to upgrade my power generation. Which for the moment feels unnecessary since the upgraded steam setup is providing 95% of my energy needs.

    In fact you will not need to grow power generation much from this point. Once I realized that it's not necessary to have IV power income to run IV or even LuV tier machinery because they usually don't have lenghty operations. You only need it in short times but for quite big voltage, so it's best to use transformers and battery buffers when needed. Recently i had income of 3150 eu/t and it was pretty enough for me to build fusion reactor, make naquadah heating coils and get familiar with crystalprocessors family. For a big bonus you can move batteries wherever you want without losing charge and even store it in containers for some special events or emergency.

    It’s only the remote sites that absolutely need fuel to run

    That is perfectly solved by using a compact thorium fueled 1-block nuclear reactor that generates ~128 eu/t, enough for MV tier ODP and auxillary machinery. You only need to provide water and do some material routing (also use hazmat suit when extracting used thorium fuel rods). You can even throttle it to 64 eu/t and it will still work with some nuances on start.

    Seriously, recently I’ve been thinking that GT5U is primarily a game about plumbing (and somewhat about wiring). I spend more time on that than anything else, and it’s a problem that gets steadily worse every time I add another pipe to the web.

    Don't know is it in accordance with your rules but there are mod pressure pipes that simplifies piping in some way, maybe you'll find it useful.

    Also there are new combined pipes in GT5U as it lists on NEI, but I haven't tested if they working yet.

    There's quite easy way to get platinum: centrifuge redstone for mercury (or electrolyze cinnabar) then use it on crushed nickel ore in chemical bath. It's only about time since redstone centrifuging is long process, and with ore drilling rig you got that in thousands (also you gain ruby dust for chrome and pyrite for iron).

    Iridium spawns in end in small ores, but it's not in great demand through game. Osmium is rather valuable (currently get it through ic2 crops but its very slow process, on par with sludge centrifuging and uum replication I guess. There another quite easy way by using fusion reactor but you need that at first).

    I was incorrect, I meant pump cover on same machine hull connecting to pipe system, so you can pipe water wherever you want. Drain will not empty an ocean because it only takes 1 block of water in front of it periodically. It said that you can even attach it to GT pipe, although I've never tested it this way.

    IMO lava centrifuging is inefficient, just postprocess to logically get rid of cooled down in LHE lava. Outcome is so miserable that it just not worth energy and time spent.

    Don't give up, It took me 100 or so 3x3s to find almost all minerals that spawns in overworld (exept iridium/osmium, haven't found it till now), so good luck to you.

    That's a nice efficiency scheme but it doesn't have much about safety. The one very crucial thing is d.water amount in boiler input because if there are any loss in steam condencation process or pipe system (or some glitch happens) d.water will deplete before steam and so it will all be fiery and messy at one point. Thats also true about LHE.

    Also how do you bring exact amount of steam to turbine if your production is more? Do you use fluid regulator or manage it by pipe material/size? Or does steam tank acts in way of actual buffer by itself?

    In case of tungsten extraction it's more about hydrogen, be sure to have it much (I use methane+water reaction, but it's now costly on CH4)

    You can put damaged (or not) turbine rotor in disassembler and get rotor blades and rod separately and made bigger rotor with some additional blades and another rod later. IV disassembler is 100% efficient, EV 90% etc., meaning that every component has X% chance to appear in disassembler inventory after process. It's expensive on energy, but you don't use any material resources (especially chrome, you'll need it later much too).

    Also be careful as rotor damages, my LHE and then reactor exploded once upon it reach 33% damage or so, though I don't know really was it a reason or it's just water that had depleted (2000L I mentioned before), just saw it after it happened. My memory gives me feeling I read about it somewhere on wiki, but now can't find anything about it anywhere.

    In this case I think some safety logic you mentioned is necessary.

    And yes, fighting enderdragon in space with set of nanoarmor and jetpack with...enchanted bow and flint arrow...that was kind of weird. There was mod ic2 combo armors back on 1.4.7 that added nanobow, but apparently it will never get to 1.7.

    Also what is your water collection rate? There is another way in getting water: you can grow cactus as ic2 agricultural crop (there will be pretty high yield if you invest some time in selection) and put them in fluid extractor. While it cost some energy you don't need vast rain collection setups and actual rain. You also don't really need any fertillizer too.

    Also ic2 crops is great way in resource saving: it increases outcome 4 times, purifies crashed ore + gives additional byproducts. (another way is bees but I dont know what mod they really from (it marked gregtech, but not mentioned anywhere in wiki))

    ...(you can just set an Project Red logics to turn reactor on/off depend on base main power storage)....

    In fact i'm doing this with RS latch and some street magic:).

    I’ve got thousands of thorium crushed ore stored as a byproduct of drilling for other things.

    I thought that way too before realised that depleted thorium made from regular thorium fuel rods in reactor in 50000 seconds. I got 2 reactors now stuffed only with 26 singlecell thorium each and heat vents and in two weeks did not got an 1/3 of lutetium amount needed (actually don't need it now, just want to get it and forget for later)

    The turbine is still “enabled,” so it will re-start if you give if steam again, but does it spin down and require spin up when you feed it steam again?

    Turbine Enabled means it will start spinning (generate EU and grow speed) when new steam (whatever amount) will be added into input hatch. It also had 10 sec spindown effect, in which i think it can spin up again when steam applied. After full stop there will be full spin up again. Spinup is just 5 times longer than spindown.

    ...The reactor / heat exchanger is never going to generate exactly as much steam as the turbines consume...

    Turbine mechanics made that way, that if you supply it with X% optimal steam flow its running as always but with X% efficiency modifier (if X<100). If you supply it with more it running as always too but without modifier (i. e. 145% steam = 100% EU output), water condences exactly in same amount as steam provided. Problems start if you provide more than 150% steamflow: steam overflows input hatch, pipe system and LHE output hatch with depletion of dist.water and eventual LHE explosion.

    That was rather unclear (for me) from wiki page too