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    Hello out there!

    I just found something i think is worth posting.

    My fps performance goes crazy whenever i turn on my Induction furnace, or my Rotary Macerator. (This might be on Advanced Machines end, i'm not sure).

    Two screens posted to show you the difference.

    What makes them do that? I don't think the fact that they are warming up should affect game performance? :) I tested on my brother's not so decent pc, and he got 41fps when they were off, and 28 with them on so it makes a difference.
    Things to note:
    This is on a server.
    Optifine is not installed - only Forge and the other mods i use.
    Everything works, i'm just curious as to why this happens.
    This might be on the addon Advanced Machines part.

    - Kasper

    It... it has been born..

    An Industrialcraft 2 monster!
    Mark II-E-SUC nuclear reactor creating 1770 EU/t!
    This bad boys cooling system consumes 980 eu/t leaving us with 790 eu/t

    Build using the following mods:
    Industrialcraft 2 v1.71
    Buildcraft v2.2.12
    BCIC2 Crossover mod v1.24b

    It works, but it is not very efficient nor is it CPU friendly :)
    I doubt it would function on a server.

    I really enjoyed building that, but man is it intense. It wouldnt work in a non-creative mode environment...

    Reactor planner

    Im gonna give advanced machines a try now.


    Im having trouble making an effective ICE creator, for a future SUC reactor.

    Im using Ic2, BC 1.12 and the crossover mod. I know it would be alot easier if i used redpower, but i dont really like how it has changed.

    Ive tried various setups, and have one reactor working. But it's just so ineffective.. :)

    This setup creates 330 eu/t and eats aprox. 1.1 ice/s, the whole cooling mechanism takes 260 eu/t to power...
    70 eu/t..... Not very effective :)

    I have tried making a minimal ice creator.
    This thing creates aprox, 0.25 ice/s and takes 40 eu/t to power.
    I would need 5 of these to cool a 330 eu/t reactor
    130 eu/t.. better, but still very ineffective.

    Any suggestions? :) Im thinking about giving advanced machines a try, but i dont really know if it would help me.

    - Kasper