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    Quite honestly, if people "Opinion" so far has only been complaining that old advanced machines were better and they want those instead, i too would have said to shove their opinions in that hidden spot where the sun doesnt shine. (Tip: its the ass)

    If you dont like this new version of the advanced machine then deal with it a shut yer trap, nobody likes complainers and like i said before you dont have to use it if you dont want to.

    Zipp went AWOL and never left any instruction of what to do with his mod in case he dissapeared, so anyone could have taken the project and shape it up however they saw fit and it would still be fair play. If Zipp comes back then he can ask for Atomik to either drop the name if its necessary. In the end is still the same shit, machines with a similar mechanic as induction furnace and with extra slots for input/output, if induction furnace wasnt nerfed/added module slots it was either because Modules are still fairly recent, or because the one who decided to implement the modules didnt foresaw this situation (Tip: Alblaka,creator of the induction furnace, didnt implemented the module upgrades)

    And that is where we differ.
    While it might sound completely right to tell people to shove it, in a scenario like this, that is not the case. How hard is it to change a name? After he refused to release the old version of the machines, we all went into the mode of, "then change the name at least". Wasn't like we were asking him to write a new mod or anything.
    But rest aside, we are both entitled to our opinions. And while I can see your point with the complaining, I don't see how it relates to people asking him to change the name of the mod? For clarity's sake, to stop confusion. But alas, apparently he, and some other people, don't work like that. So I'll leave them be, and I'll sit back and see how long this lasts.


    Which would be a shame.
    Wouldn't surprise me if every single one of those complaining are still using the mod :P

    Modify a Camaro, and it's still a Camaro. Modify these Advanced Machines, and they're still Advanced Machines.
    If you don't like the direction it's taken, feel free to either wait for zipp to fix the outdated mod, or learn Java and code a new one. :|

    In response to you, it doesn't matter to me, I just want to prove a point. If you basically tell everyone to shove their opinions, you won't make any ground.

    False. You know nothing about coding, you cannot assess what i have or haven't done, you package your beliefs as truths like all the others.

    Let me put down a statement regarding the name:
    I will not change it. For all intends and purposes, these are the very same Advances Machines. That they appear inferior to you is a PERSONAL OPINION, to be KEPT TO YOURSELVES.
    It is also not Zippinius mod anymore, for by now major parts of the code are rewritten (and were decompiled IC2 code, as far i can tell, to begin with).

    Fine then. I try to be somewhat intellectual but you turn it around and slam it in my face. Have fun bearing with the whiners and complainers and everyone else who hates this mod with a passion. You refuse to change the name of something you changed. I don't give a flying you know what if the base concept is the same. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME D*** MACHINES THAT ZIPP MADE AND IF YOU FAIL TO INFORM PEOPLE OF THAT, THEN YOU WILL BE S.O.L.

    Let this be a lesson for everyone, that in the world, there are people who take comments up the butt, and others who listen to it and compromise. If you, for whatever reason, CANNOT BRING YOURSELF TO COMPROMISE WITH PEOPLE, THEN YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS MAKING, CODING, SELLING, etc ANYTHING TO THE PUBLIC.

    Zipp had a purpose for this mod, and that is why people loved the machines. Now these hunks of junk are causing a ruckus and you would rather lean back in your chair and twiddle your thumbs rather than to at least change the name of the mod THAT IS NOT YOURS. (Thanks reaper for pointing that out, I was tired so my wording wasn't the way I wanted it) That is complete and utter bull, and you know it. So, before an actual flame war starts, I suggest you click some buttons, hit some keys and change the name of the mod. Otherwise, this thread will end up getting locked, when it could have been prevented.

    I could honestly sit here and read and not say anything, but I'm going to voice my opinion whether your like it or not. Take it or leave it, this is the internet, and no where in this 'imaginary internet law' that seems to always pop outta people who can't take criticism, does it say people can't voice their opinion. Nowhere in the forum rules (to my knowledge) does it say you can't post your opinion. People have a right to their opinions, and if they want to voice them, YOU ARE NOT THE ONE TO STOP THEM. So, if you can't take people's opinions and criticism, you need to step down from the helm and let the more suited captain fly the plane.

    Have fun dealing with the soldiers,

    Edit: that spoiler was inappropriate and I apologize for posting it. I shouldn't have said that. Again, my apologies.

    instead of complaining, (which I don't think I was, as I offered a suggestion) nonetheless, I think a more suitable name for this mod, since you have assumed development of the mod, a suitable name would be Atomic Machines or even Atomic's Machines. Since they are your creation, and you did what you thought was the right way to go with them, only makes sense they should be named after you. This would also get rid of the complainers who see this thread and assume that they will be downloading the classic machines, not these new ones you created. Just food for though. :)

    Edit: or a more creative name : AA Machines (Atomic's Advanced Machines) makes sense to me, just a thought. :)

    I liked advanced machines the way they were.. WE ALL DID.. now we have this abomination using the new stupid OCers and all of that abomination the IC2 team spit out.. I hate those upgrades witha passion and I guess I'll just stay at a version of ic2 prior to 1.7 because these machines... No thank you, they aren't even advanced machines anymore. Unless Pwnedgods version of them works fine then I'll be staying where I'm at.

    You really shouldn't take someones work then just destroy it.. You should follow the ORIGINAL representation of the mod instead of just completely tossing zipps machines out the window and making your own.. might as well call this a different mod. Ugh so upset.

    I agree with you 100%. And I state so in my post above.

    First off, I don't think you understood my post clearly. I'm not asking you to change Overclockers, or anything of that nature. Since obviously all of what you did was hard to code, I'm not going to ask you to change it. What I merely wanted was for there to be TWO VERSIONS of this mod in ONE CENTRAL location. The version that you have been working on, and a bug fixed IC2 1.7.1 Version of the classic advanced machines. That way people who wanted the classic machines can use them on the new version of IC2.

    Secondly, don't call them 'old' machines--it makes it sound as if they were bad--if it weren't for the way they were originally designed,none of us would be sitting here complaining now, would we? We all loved the machines just the way they were. So do us a favor, and take the last update pwnedgod did, compile it(or whatever that is called) and put the download here (the full classic advanced machines, yes, that includes the solar arrays).

    Also, a tip for future mod updating, should you insist on changing a mod drastically from it's original design, please take care to do two things.

    1. Ask permission from the mod creator.
    In this case, I don't think this is the atrocity that zipp would have wanted. He may have gone away for a while, which is normal, people have lives. However, I'm quite confident in saying that he would have been fine with the updating to the newer version of IC2, but not this nonsense.

    2. Ask the people who use the mod what they want added/removed before drastically changing anything.
    I'm sure if you would have asked us, we would have told you to not implement these changes that you have implemented. OR, if you insist on making drastic changes, take care to upload two versions, the classic version, and keep that updated to the current IC2 version, and the changed version. That way you won't have people gripping and complaining because you fixed something that didn't need to be fixed, or this sucks or that or the other. You could have honestly saved yourself a lot of work if you had asked us what we wanted. As a matter of fact, if you look at the thread that zipp created, you would see that close to no one wanted these 'upgrades' to be implemented into the machines. The most drastic thing people wanted was a separate download.

    Please don't take this as me attacking you, for as I said before, it doesn't matter to me if you take my suggestion or not. But I do know that you would please a lot of people if you did take my suggestion. A lot of people liked the machines the way they were before, so you would save yourself some headaches and possibly swearing if you did. But, I should warn you, that if you ignore my suggestion, people are going to continue to complain and flame and all sorts of stuff because this is not what they want.

    happy coding,

    I feel I have to highly agree with the opinions of others whom have posted on this thread. When I first heard of Advanced Machines, they were extremely cool and a cost-effective upgrade to the normal base machines. They did more work with the same or less energy, but needed a redstone signal, which is a balanced trade-off. However, now that you have implemented the use of overclockers and needing transformer upgrades, I feel you have completely gone away from the intent of this mod. A mere port to IC2 1.70 would have been fine. That is all any of us wanted. We didn't want overclockers, or a base tier of low voltage or different speeds and stuff. I personally hate overclockers, because I think they are a waste of resources. Yes, they make the basic machines a bit more efficient, and that is what they were intended for, to make the basic machines have faster processing speeds at later stages in the game, but this? This is just too much. For example, the max speed of the rot. mac. was always 10,000. Now to get that, I have to use 5 overclockers? That is not right. I shouldn't have to use anything whatsoever. I should have to just make the machine, plug into a cable, place a lever on the side and be ready to use it in about a minute. Same thing with the singularity compressor, same with the centrifuge extractor. These upgrades actually detract from the mod, and make the mod useless in my opinion. Likewise, the word advanced should tell you just what this mod does. Advanced means an increased intelligence. That means, the machine should know what kind of power it is hooked up to, it should know if there is a red stone signal being applied to it, it should know how fast it is spinning, and the fastest it should spin/compress/extract. By adding these upgrades, I honestly feel like these so called advanced machines are now just upgraded upgraded machines; meaning that the machines are upgrades to old machines, but still need upgrades to function as they once did.

    Here is a real world example of what has happened here:
    You go to a dealership and buy a new car. After using the car for some time, a newer version of the car comes out, so you buy that one. Now, let's say one day you do a race of sorts just to see if the new car was indeed better than the old one. Turns out the old one was better. So you take it to a guy named Bob(filler name), and Bob essentially tells you that in order to get the car onto the same par as the previous one, you have to add an air intake, a turbo, nitrus, and a new engine. Now tell me, doesn't that sound completely absurd? Sure does to me. This is what has happened here, they are still advanced machines by name, but to get them onto the same par as the old ones, you gotta add all these stupid upgrades which are a waste of money if you could have just kept the old ones.

    My suggestion:
    Release a no-frills version of the mod; an updated version of Beta 3.2 ported to IC2 1.70 with the updates the pwned has done and has fewer bugs. And I say post them in this thread, so that all the versions are in one central place. That way people who like the machines the way they were can have their machines working with the current IC2, and the people who like to add upgrades tot heir machines can use the ones you have posted. Either that, or add a config option to disable the upgrades portion of the mod, but I feel that would take a lot more of unnecessary code.

    You can ignore my suggestion all together, that doesn't bother me, as I will be using the outdated Beta 3.2 until a version comes out that is not completely insanely different from the original concept of the mod.

    Also, instead of doing all this upgrade stuff, (which I deem is unnecessary) you could have come up with upgraded versions of the other basic machines.

    Oh, and I would love for there to be combined version of solar arrays and adv. machines together again. That was convenient for the people who wanted both. Still have the separate mods, but have a combined version for the people who want both.

    My 2 cents.