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    Sadly, SeedManager isn't going to see much in the way of updates for a bit longer, because my laptop needs replacement. It BSOD's if I try to start Minecraft or anything else with 3D graphics. I could write code all I like, but I'd need Narc to test for me, and his time is less open than it used to be. We'll definitely get out a version for MC1.5, once that's possible, but actual progress is probably going to be nonexistent.

    If anyone wants to help, give me your GitHub username and I'll add you to the project. Or, if you'd rather, you could always take the license at its word and go make your own fork. I'd strongly appreciate it if you keep your additions under the same license, but MIT licensing doesn't require that.

    That's quite odd. I don't suppose you happen to have any signs in the area? In theory, they use an identical method, so you'd see something like the sign being empty when you re-enter the area.

    More info that might be useful:

    • Did anything special happen to those specific blocks? (portal/gravity gun comes to mind)
    • Does the problem continue if you remove and re-place them?
    • Have you tried placing them at the same coordinates in a different world?

    Having the world itself to poke at might also help. Is it small enough that you could upload it somewhere? If not, it's possible to figure out the specific region file(s) for its coordinates, which would be much smaller.

    Also a bug if you unplug the scanner mid operation the animation will never stop.

    If you're referring to using a wrench on it, that's a limitation of IC2 1.109. Supposedly, RichardG was going to add an API for getting the correct block with a wrench, but I haven't checked yet to see if that happened by 1.110.

    Also I swear to god the seed database thing keeps switching orientations on me. (confirmed, go a long distance away so its chunk unloads and it will change orientations, upon saving and loading with the chunk loaded it stays oriented correctly though).

    Sounds like a deficiency in the orientation-sending. Do you see the same problem with LiquidUU? Narc's using a similar method to mine (vice-versa, actually), so that'd be useful information.

    Just released another small update, mostly to fix a minor exploit where a LiquidUU accelerator would show you the seed's statistics before you paid the UU cost, meaning you could see all your seeds' statistics for free. I also did a couple small tweaks for creative mode, because getting test seeds has been really annoying.

    Haven't gotten around to addressing the "conflict". I'm also not in a hurry, because this makes all of two people who've noticed to date.

    I have this error in the log:
    2012-12-05 15:15:09 [INFO] [STDOUT] CONFLICT @ 29870 item slot already occupied by ic2.common.ItemCropSeed@4c1ea0c3 while adding org.ldg.seedmanager.ExtendedCropSeed@6ecc893f

    I will assume it isn't intentional and remap.

    Ok, nothing about this item is IC2.SeedManager.cfg. Guess I can't change it. Just need to bump the block ID above 255 to reserve space for world spawn blocks.

    You can't change it because it's supposed to conflict. ExtendedCropseed is a subclass of ItemCropSeed that adds a few small capabilities to it. (Currently, the final line of the tooltip and seeds being available in creative mode.)

    Beta, heck, I'm calling it a release. There's more I'd like to do, but that stuff can have its own damn version number.

    Anyone on one of the pre-releases, do note that upgrading to 3.0 is mildly dangerous. SeedManager blocks in your inventory may not be the same block that you remember, because I switched around damage values again to make the upgrade seamless for non-bleeding-edge users. On the other hand, a little use of NEI (or simply placing them in the world beforehand) fixes this quite nicely.

    Enjoy the release, guys.

    At this point, I could basically dump out an "as-is" release or pre-release for any version of MC/IC2 since 1.3.2. It might take me half an hour to get a suitable build environment and work out the major "things changed under me, this sucks!" kinks, but that's not much effort coding-wise.

    You fool! You've doomed us all!

    Murphy's Law of updates: The updates you expect to be easy are the most painful.

    I'm almost there, but the GUI handling has changed somewhat, so I need to shift things around (or something like that) so that the tooltips update properly and the sliders can actually be used.

    Bleh. It'll be another day or two, sadly.

    Add IWrenchable.getWrenchDrop(EntityPlayer):ItemStack


    That solves one of the more aggravating problems I've been having with SeedManager right now. The current wrench is extremely evil in the item it drops, because I can't configure it in any way without becoming the wrench myself. So the metadata bits I'm using to store information about the current machine state get preserved in the wrenched item, and the end user is left with a bunch of "different" stacks, because the machines were picked up in different states. I can't even swap out the metadata for the canonical one on removal, because that annoying bastard of a wrench caches the value before I'm told he's thinking about picking me up.

    Also, this API "breakage" is utterly trivial. It's about as hard to fix compatibility with it as it is to fix compatibility with your average Minecraft release... and I'm talking 1.4.2->1.4.5, not 1.2.5->1.3.

    Busy. I've been keeping tabs on this thread--gave thought to replying to the spambots, but couldn't come up with anything sufficiently witty. I've been helping my friend Narc with LiquidUU, we've been refining mcp_deobfuscate as we go, I've got a new project with a lot of deep Minecraft magic going on (codename Wustendorf--you might find more if you look hard enough), and Narc's got his own new project that I crystallized the idea for yesterday and will be heavily involved in (I'll let him give details on that one, if he likes). Oh, yeah, and somewhere in and around all of this, I'm trying to polish off my resume and find a "project" that actually earns money! Fun! :S

    Anyway, the latest 3.0 pre-release has been out for a bit, and I haven't heard much from the peanut gallery. So, thoughts? Points to consider:

    • At this point, I could basically dump out an "as-is" release or pre-release for any version of MC/IC2 since 1.3.2. It might take me half an hour to get a suitable build environment and work out the major "things changed under me, this sucks!" kinks, but that's not much effort coding-wise.
    • A full release would take a fair amount of additional time (on the order of an hour or so), as the original post here needs renovation. On the other hand, it would also get additional attention, which is a nice thing on multiple levels.
    • There are still two "showstopper" issues that I'd love to clear up before 3.0-final, but a look at the version log will show you how long it's taken me to manage tooltips. Namely, the machines have a fixed orientation (they can't rotate), and there's no way to select seeds of a type that you don't have handy. I'd also like to do a revamp of some filter management stuff and make the IC2 wrench stop giving you non-stackable (and different-looking) versions of the machines, but those are lower on the wishlist.
    • If I do a full release right now, there's going to be a big warning on it about "You probably shouldn't update from a previous version... but here's the closest approximation of 'safely' if you want to anyway:". I *think* I know how to make the upgrade seamless, but I literally thought of it just now, so I'd have to test it to be sure.

    As far as I'm concerned, the best option looks like it's to drop out another pre-release or two for whatever MC/IC2 versions people are actually using (which means I need feedback on what those are!). But I'm open to other opinions at this point, because my mind is seriously too occupied with other projects to weigh all the factors by myself.

    Yes i meant it as an generator witch uses uum as Fuel. And Yes electrolyzed water would also be good but it only provides 10k eu per bucket when 1 cell = 1000 millibucket.
    I think the code isn't to hard but im currently working on my mod so i have no time.

    But it was only a suggestion ^^ You said that you are searching for purposes :D

    I'd actually call the UU-powered generator an antimatter reactor, because matter-antimatter annihilation is the opposite of making matter from energy. You always create matter and antimatter in equal amounts, so UU-matter is most likely some kind of inexplicably-stable matter-antimatter composite, and thus a reactor would just have to destabilize it to trigger the reaction. (How this composite can be manipulated by hand to form wood is left as an exercise for the reader.)

    Further, I'll temper Narc's comment by saying that neither of us is interested in implementing it *now*, but we're also both worn out from the 5.5 or so hours of solid development it took to go from nothing to the released version. No guarantees, but it may sound more interesting later, when we're not making rude gestures in the general direction of "effort".

    Great job on the texture for the liquid UU.

    We didn't really make a "texture" at all, just a set of color parameters for Buildcraft's own liquid rendering to use. Still, we do appreciate the intent of the complement (even if you're a bit off on the technical details) because we *did* spend some time on it. It went through several iterations, starting with some weird machinations in GIMP to figure out an approximate range for the colors of the UU-matter icon, and then tweaking it by hand. Eventually it was close enough that we stopped caring about the difference, which is where it stayed.

    You're about half a mile offtopic here, but I'm feeling nice today.

    It's hard to tell exactly what you want. Do you want to remove them from being available (i.e. remove the mod), remove them from a world and leave air, or replace them (in a world) with some other block?

    For the first one, just remove your mod from mods/. For the second, remove the mod, backup your world (make a copy of its directory in .minecraft/saves), and load the world in Minecraft; that should handle it for any blocks near you. The last case is the only one where you need an editor of some form (like MCedit).

    For future reference, don't test mods in a world you care about. Things go wrong in development, and some of them can utterly destroy large portions of the world you're using.

    Right as Narc was posting, I had a bit of an epiphany for another way to use this. Anyone who's used LogisticsPipes with BuildCraft and IC2 has probably noted the occasional (but persistent) annoyance of needing a way to smelt, grind, or otherwise machine-process an input on-demand. A recipe for stone bricks, for instance, may need to smelt the cobblestone from your quarry into the smoothstone it needs. Or your recipe for machine blocks may be blocked by a lack of refined iron even though you've got stack after stack of ordinary iron handy.

    There are ways to solve the problem. You can pre-fabricate some of the target material (though doing it automatically gets hairy). You can use a satellite crafting pipe to turn an entire bank of machines into one moderately-slow "crafting" operation. Or you can just do it by hand whenever your request gets denied. But all of the solutions are just... eh. None of them really feel like true solutions, just workarounds.

    Enter liquid UU and a custom machine (or some form of extension of existing ones, a la the hopper). For a small (but significant) amount of liquid UU, it allows you to perform the operation instantly, meaning that a simple crafting logistics pipe is all you need. Raw materials come in, the internal UU tank goes down a bit, and the final product pops out immediately.

    For numbers, right now we're looking at 0.002 UU per smelt, or 0.003 UU for any other operation. Assuming your mass fabricator doesn't have scrap, that works out to an effective cost of 2000 EU/smelt or 3000 EU/other operation. (With scrap, it's 1/6th of that, plus 0.07/0.10 scrap.) Not sure if we like those numbers yet; we'd probably have to see it in practice first.