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    Now i just wanna know how far along they are in their 1.8.9 update process. I'm dying to get this updated to 1.8.9. I haven't seen anything on their progress or if there even planning on updating to 1.8.9.

    Oh boy, this could be a disaster....I was just comming back to Minecraft after a break from 1.7.10 looking to finally build a decent 1.8.9 pack and bring my favorite mod of all time, IC2. I've been using IC2 since the beginning, nothing will replace IC2 EU. the Switch to RF might be the last nail in the coffin for my love of this mod. I'm still going to use it, I'm still going to enjoy that lappack and mining drill. But having all the main mods use the same energy source reduces the infrastructure needed to power everything, which for me was half the fun. Sad Sad day, praying like everyone else this is simply an April fools joke...

    R.I.P IC2 EU

    The condenser would only be needed to condense any extra steam into distilled water if you were using super heated steam right? Or are you required to have a condenser all the time even when using Superheated steam and 2 turbines next to each other?

    I'll give it a try with that in the mean time.

    I've scoured the forums and can't find anything related to this recently. Last post was from 2014. I've been trying to get the new 5x5 Reactor setup working. The last hurdle I've encountered is that the Kinetic Steam Generator fluctuates between 400ku and 399ku and causes a nearly constant steam explosion. I've tried using both regular steam and super heated stem with no success. I'm just trying to isolate the cause of the constant steam explosions. Is it from a lack of constant steam? Or maybe from not pumping out the water quick enough? I've tried it both with and without pipes to no success =/

    Currently running industrialcraft-2-2.2.810-experimental.jar

    Let me know if you need more information.