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    Mkay. I guess I'll just leave it be and rely on my Oil Drilling Rig. Though... I've drilled in four oil patches and found two dry, two making Light Oil at all of 6L/cycle. At this rate it's going to take a really long time to get enough for even basic plastics production. :( Is my luck just that bad? (I'd love to go hunting with a Seismic Prospector, but the tech i need for making Data Sticks is...not really feasible yet)

    Okay, I don't know whether this is a glitch/oversight in Gregtech or PFAA. PFAA worldgen creates four types of oil (listed in NEI as Light/Medium/Heavy/Extra Heavy Oil). They're translating to Gregtech liquids just fine (Light/Raw/Heavy/Very Heavy Oil, respectively), but the only recipes listed in NEI for dealing with Very Heavy Oil are ones to put it in and out of buckets/bottles. By comparison, the other three have a whole range of distillation and refining options (that I'm having a difficult time wrapping my head around, but that's another question entirely.)

    Of course, the one PFAA oilfield I've found is of Very Heavy Oil. Is it *supposed* to be useless, or am I just missing something?

    iamamitten : I certainly can upload my Gregtech log, but it's got nothing past the end of the Unification that gets done during init, and is only 168KB in size.

    I've got Fastcraft 1.23 in this pack, and it was working just fine up until a couple days ago (and while new chunkgen is annoyingly slow, it goes away once chunks exist, and my base isn't anywhere near the border of "where things need to be thought about.") Also, I've hopped into and out of the nether several times before this all started - and am seeing the weird lag in the overworld. (I'll be honest, i haven't gone to the Nether since i started noticing the lag, on account of sometimes it takes a couple minutes to "catch up" and that's a good way to end up dead by Ghasts.)

    I've gotten that since GT4, check your log for messages such as:

    [16:38:41] [Server thread/INFO]: [gregtech.api.metatileentity.BaseMetaTileEntity:func_145845_h:560]: WARNING: Possible Lag Source at [4852, 4, -8223] in Dimension 0 with 142ms caused by an instance of class gregtech.api.metatileentity.implementations.GT_MetaTileEntity_BasicBatteryBuffer

    even just a few machines add up those milliseconds real fast

    There are absolutely no messages in the error log of any kind, not even the "server can't keep up!" ones I'd expect from what *looks* like serverside lag.

    EDIT: I mean, nothing other than the expected stuff - the log's not empty or anything. XD

    Another Edit: So, I know it's hard to prove a negative, but I went and tore out the solar panels and the lag seems to have gone away. The wiring and batteries and such are still there, but the panel covers are sitting in a chest. It was only eight of them, too, not Endless Fields. :(

    Third Edit: It's back. I'm out of ideas. As-is it's frustratingly unplayable.

    I'm starting to see some odd lag in my singleplayer world, and wondering if anybody else has run into it (and if so, what y'all did to resolve it). Every so often various inventories (Gregtech machines, chests, etc) will just...not open for several seconds. They do eventually open. Player inventory is unaffected, and I can walk around normally until things catch up (at which point i'm sometimes a long ways away from the thing i was trying to look at).

    I don't know whether it's related or not, but it started happening about the same time I installed my (very modest) bank of solar panels on the roof. Everything else is more or less the same in my base.

    Gregtech 5.09.29, only about 30 mods in the pack, and it's not maxing out CPU usage. RAM is hovering right around 4GB used, even after I tweaked the instance to allow up to 6.

    Okay, so, I'd been working through a "beginner's guide to GT" and it pretty much runs up to "getting an EBF" and then stops. I've tinkered a bit more from there, but now I'm wondering what the next logical steps are. Clearly a Fusion reactor is a long ways in the future...

    Currently I have a Large Bronze Boiler running into a small pile of basic turbines, buffered into an MV battery bank, for power. I tangented into trying to make solar panels, and have a couple, but there's just no way they can compare with the throughput of the Boiler unless i spam a *ton* of them (which i don't quite have the circuits to do, yet). The boiler takes a fair bit of micromanagement, as i haven't figured out a good way to automate it without wasting huge piles of charcoal in intermittent startup times. Any suggestions?

    Machinery-wise I've got almost everything, i think, in LV, plus a couple of things I needed MV to do the recipes properly (Fluid Extractor, Electrolyzer, Cutting Saw, and Extruder). The current project is getting together a LV Circuit Assembler, Sifter, and Laser Engraver so I can stop with the endless vacuum tubes. I'd like to get some sort of AE2 autocrafting going, but I'm real hesitant to do that running off a consumable power supply.

    It looks like I might need to do something with Oil in order to get Polyethylene for HV machinery (specifically, a Universal Macerator), but I'm entirely unsure what the progression path looks like. I found a patch of PFAA "extra heavy oil" that doesn't actually seem to be craftable into anything (the only NEI recipes involve (un)bucketing it in the Canning Machine).

    Modwise, my pack is very minimalist. GT, AE2 (+Extra Cells), and PFAA is it for changing-gameplay mods. I wanted a relatively-pure GT experience.

    Actually, energy hatches take 2 amps each, so 3 will be enough. However, you'll probably need a 9-slot or 16-slot battery buffer to get 5 amps into the cables. Putting steam turbines next to the energy hatches won't work for that. Using 5 energy hatches will overclock the recipe to HV tier and it will suddenly need 480 EU/t (528 if one maintenance problem remains) instead.

    I had not even considered that many hatches causing it to tick up to HV. Definitely sticking with three, then. (and my setup was pretty much like Asp's, only albeit with only six batteries because of lead shortages, but that's another rant entirely. :)

    Pretty much every non-endgame EBF recipe is either 120EU/t or 500EU/t - would be kinda odd to change just steel.

    (And, since I'm thinking about it, did you see that the Wrought Iron->Steel recipe uses drastically less EU (total, it's still 120/t) than any of the others? Took me a while to notice that, but it's well worth setting up an Arc Furnace for)

    One other thing to consider - energy hatches can accept 2A of power, so you "only" need three LV hatches.

    I was thumbing through NEI to find uses for this Molybdenum ore I found, and stumbled across the recipe for HSS-G. Unfortunately, it requires large quantities of Tungstensteel dust, which seems really awkward to make - the only (useful) NEI recipe I can find involves making a Tungstensteel rods in the lathe and collecting the scrap. Is there another method to get the dust that I'm missing?

    (GT5U 5.09.29)