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    Coming across a weird problem, every time I launch minecraft every sound works perfectly except the alarms from this mod, which make no noise at all. If I press F3+S I start hearing the alarm sounds, but I lose my sound pack. =\

    I've tried adding your ic2nuclearControl folder to my sound pack with no luck, & even if I don't use a sound pack & just load the default sounds it still has no alarm sound until I press F3+S...

    Any idea what could cause this?

    Has no one realized that the old advanced machines (v3.2b2) still works for v1.71? (ssp)(havent tried smp yet)

    If you don't like this mod than stop flaming and go use the old version. There is no point arguing about something as little as a name change, and you fail to realize that the basis of the mod advanced machines is still there, you still have machines that macerate, compress, and extract at higher speeds for less EU.

    Again, i say Advanced Machines v3.2b2 Still works for IC2 v1.71. So stop complaining about a slight alteration to an addon that is no longer being updated by the true owner and use the old version while you still can.

    A name change isn't as little as you think... look back to the scrolls lawsuit. That was over one word being shared between titles... This is about the fact that this is NOT Advanced Machines as it was designed. This is completely different and therefore should not have the same name. Period. It's be like Sony making a new gaming console and calling it the Wii or Xbox 360(instead of PS3). Is it similar in design? Sort of... Would Microsoft or Nintendo be pissed? Hell yes!

    I literally registered for the first time just now after lurking and using mods/addons from this site for... I don't even know how long... Since I first started playing minecraft i think...? Well anyway, I just finally registered to thank you for bringing the TRUE advanced machines back instead of an abomination with a stolen title.

    Thank you.