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    100,000,000 eu?!? That would take months to complete! Does the mod add more efficient ways to generate EU to compensate?

    Also, you would have to be more than stupid to kill yourself while wearing a quantumsuit. You'd have to carefully plan out how to maximally damage yourself!

    In any case, even if the quantumsuit doesn't get nerfed, it is still kind of bland in my opinion. MoveReallyFast gets kind of boring where you don't have many places to movereallyfast to, because you don't need anything there as you already have the most expensive piece of equipment.

    WoT reference here ^^:

    Or more IC²-related, I think Q-suit and Nano Suit shouldn't be nerfed, but IC² would just need a new weapon able to kill Quantum wearer [WaitForIndustriumConflict]. (Or GregTech: Hey dude, your weapon isn't working at all properly ^^)

    Well having a new weapon that can kill a Quantum wearer would probably also one-shot anything else. given the ridiculous absorbing power of the Quantumsuit. That would be completely overpowered. If it scales based on what armor someone is wearing, then it would be more acceptable. Also, this doesn't fix the problem of someone having basic invulnerability to anything other than other players once you get even only a nanosuit.

    Anyone who has played SMP on a server that includes IC2 can see that battles between Quantumsuit-wearing players either take hours with breaks in between for recharging nanosabers, or involve apocalypse-sized explosions. In my opinion, this is ridiculous. In addition, no static defenses can defend against armored trespassers. Also, for the expensive long-term final goal of a IC2 player, the quantumsuit is slightly bland in that there are only two functions, which is to movereallyfast and jumpreallyhigh.

    Solution: First, revamp the Nanosuit a bit. I know it doesn't really grant 100% damage resistance, but I can fall into the Nether lava ocean, swim 100 blocks to the nearest shore, and come out completely unscathed with only a small drain on nanosuit power. This is clearly slightly too powerful.

    I suggest not changing the max amount of damage it can absorb without damaging the wearer, but instead placing a cap on how much damage it can absorb in a given time. For example, The nanosuit can absorb damage into a "pool". Say, this pool is 30 hearts large. When these hearts are all depleted, damage will start leaking through to the user (Of course, still with a decrease in damage). However, this pool regenerates at 3 hearts per second. This way, battles between nanosuits will be much faster, but if they dodge and not get hit they can still have a prolonged, active battle. This will also not affect any small amounts of damage a Nanosuit user will sustain during normal use. For example, falling off the side of a lava pool while mining, or getting blown up by a mob of creepers.

    Next, the Quantumsuit. As I have already stated, battles involving quantumsuits are absolutely absurd. I suggest something similar to a nanosuit, but with a much larger "pool" ,regeneration rate and minimum damage reduction. In order to make it more interesting, an upgrade system would promote diversity so not all players would look the same and have the same stats. Upgrades would be specific to quantumsuit parts, and would be applied by combining the said part and upgrade in a crafting table creating a "quantumsuit piece" with a different ID. Combining new upgrades onto pieces that already have upgrades will destroy the old upgrade and apply the new one. Some suggestions for upgrades:
    Improved healing rate
    Activated ability to use a lot of energy in return for a brief moment of invulnerability (No use from pool, damage just instantly nullified)
    Let tools draw from suit power
    Draw a large amount of energy to channel for 2 seconds then teleport user to where he is looking
    Boosted sprinting speed
    Sneak to become invisible for short periods, using the "pool" (Not sure if possible)
    Use energy to walk on liquids (Still takes slight damage from lava)
    Boosted jumping height
    Ability to "hover" for short periods after jumping (rocketboots!)

    Every upgrade would be for different people, for example the brief invulnerability upgrade for the chestpiece would be for pvp warriors, the teleport upgrade for the leggings would be for travelers/explorers who want to get to previously inaccessible places, and the nightvision upgrade for the helmet would be for miners. Now everyone would have some degree of diversity, and not all using the exact same armor.

    Also, the Tesla coil. As of right now, it can one-shot players and animals, yes, but only if the player is not armored with a nano/quantumsuit. Seeing as how a nanosuit can easily be acquired in only one day of gameplay, the tesla coil is a bit weak being the only static damage available. I suggest to increase the voltage tolerance of the tesla coil to extreme (yes extreme) and add a very large capacity for EU. The more EU it stores, the more EU it will "leak" and the more damage it will do when it discharges. This way, the old function of the tesla coil can be preserved, while also allowing it to deal damage to nanosuit players (or even Quantumsuit players if overcharged enough) if the owner of the tesla coil has the EU for it.

    These suggestions are only the result of my imagination. I don't know if these make sense, are absolutely stupid, or even possible. I am not 100% clear on the current mechanics on IC2, but I have a general idea on it. So take all these suggestions, if not seriously then as some interesting ideas, with a grain of salt.

    Nanosuit blah blah quantumsuit blah blah whine blah demand changes blah complain blah retarded idea blah.

    Just found out that nightvision is possible

    Okay so I have a large array of Geothermal generators set up in a rectangle. I have glass fibers connecting all of them to 3 MFSU's, and pneumatic pipes carrying lava cells to every single generator. However all the generators keep blinking on and off. I see that the lava square is filled up, and the battery flickers on the first few pixels. What is happening! Help!

    Nonono, I'm not transferring BC energy through the pipes. I'm trying to transfer a charged Lapotron Crystal through a pipe. It goes something like this:
    Chest(With fully charged Lapotron) -> Pipe (BC) -> MFSU Bottom slot
    The second it gets there, the crystal instantly becomes completely empty, without charging the MFSU.

    For some reason whenever I send a charged crystal/lapotron/battery/whatever it always loses its charge when it reaches my chest/mfsu/whatever. If it arrives in a chest, it still says that its charge level is full, but when I put it into an energy storage device it immediately loses all of it's charge. This also happens when I have it directly arrive into the bottom slot of an energy storage device. This is really bugging me. Help please!

    On my Bukkit server I have set up, when I use a Nanosaber, it constantly flickers on and off, and is really generally annoying. I am using the premade R4 Bukkit Jar and also I installed the latest Modloader, ModloaderMP, MinecraftForge, and IC2 to a fresh minecraft.jar. There are no errors in the log. Help please!