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    so... have you ever tried to open a toolbox that's in your arms while holding a mining pick, an axe, a hoe, a few rocks, and a couple of tiki torches? go try and do that in your garage, i'm sure the toolbox will fall out all over the place.

    not if you have tools affixed inside of it(in plastic slots). Logically speaking current tool box looks and works as an oldfashioned tool box - its a box with tools piled in it and it explodes on you if you drop it. But we are talking IC here! Lasers, UU, :Quantum-Bodyarmor: - exploding boxes for tools don't fit the theme!


    Why only IC items? Why not add (unless there's already something similar) an IsTool flag, and restrict the toolbox to those? That way other mods could apply this flag and allow their tools to be carried in the box. Thinking of RP2 screwdriver/saws, BC/Forestry wrenches, RailCraft crowbar/surveyors and so on.

    Non-tool items being disallowed makes perfect sense, but why should other mods' tools be excluded?

    great idea! super trans-mod toolbox for tools only, with limited space. may require some coordination on developers' part but otherwise its brilliant!

    I did some crafting(real life that is) in last couple of years and I don't remember a toolbox exploding in my face with its content when one of my hands is holding a tool :Cutter: .
    Maybe it would be a good idea to change current IC toolbox into actual toolbox that you can open as a separate tool inventory(like alchemical bag in EE or backpack in forestry) with predetermined slots i.e. drill can go only into drill slot and chainsaw into its own, and space is limited so you can put maybe one tool but not the other. That way its useful(at least i believe it will be more useful than it is now) and not OP as a separate inventory .
    Plus the tool box can be made apgradable - simple one to carry :Bronze Hoe: :Bronze Pickaxe: :Bronze Axe: :Bronze Shovel: :Treetap: more advanced to carry :Mining Drill: :Chainsaw: :EC Meter: even more advanced maybe, etc
    and possibly a separate one to carry small IC stuff like :Cable: :Electronic Circuit: :Refined Iron: (electricians do have those).
    So, again, non-exploding toolbox for IC items only. We dont want ppl carrying cobble stone in it.

    Since brewing stands have little to none use for those of us who like industrial stuff I think it would be interesting to make them more useful for IC
    Just crafting fertilizers with scrap is both too simplistic and boring.
    I believe that IC could definitely benefit from some additional chemistry
    Couple of threads already suggested on improving brewing with centrifuges and automation but having fast making magic potions is not what IC is about. Yet using the brewing system that is already present could definitively be beneficial. Fertilizers that last longer(10-20 minecraft days but also require some unique ingredients(maybe even UU matter)), liquids that change pH level in soil for specific plants, mutagents that promote cross breeding(or even special cross breeding chambers: apple + gold blocks + saplings = golden apple tree that gives 1 golden apple a month). Chemistry could really spice things up
    ANd another suggestion regarding cross breeding - placing two plants next to each other is too simple and ,sorry to say, stupid MinecraftPig + MinecraftChar placed in a bag does not equal MinecraftZombieman(at least i hope it does not)
    IC already has nuclear reactors so it could potentially have some radiation or radioactive waste. these two could be used to make cross breeding more complicated and interesting(with violent industrial mutant plants(more dangerous and damaging than current weeds) - i know childish but fun :P ). Some kind of machine with uranium block in it can emit high frequency radiation that promotes cross breeding but also damages and contaminates the environment(reason to build a separate lab for that). Near depleted cells could serve as source of radioactive material or even new item -radioactive waste- that appears after reactor finishes its cycle, could be implemented. Contamination and radiation also means IC specific effects (like radiation poisoning that increases hunger depletion) and specific ways of dealing with it - more chemistry to clean up the mess, special plants that deal with it and special protective gear( :Quantum-Helmet: )(getting of topic due to insperation 8| ).
    To sum up - we have brewing system in minecraft, why not use it for IC style agriculture chemistry ?
    - more interesting and complicated cross breeding with chemicals made in those brewing stands .
    Thank you
    Love the mod as it is anyway :) !!!