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    I think that's mostly safe, except for a couple of things:

    1. Make sure CustomOreGen is set to spawn clay blocks somewhere. (technically not "ore" gen, but still possible to mistakenly disable)

    2. Last I knew, PFAA did not properly generate lapis/lazurite ore.

    With PFAA installed, GregTech generates several vein types in the Nether that would normally be Overworld vein types. Also, my personal experience was that the "placer" deposits made it easy to get modest amounts of tin, iron, silver, electrum, and gold for early game, but once I got further in and wanted large quantities, it wasn't that great compared to GT ore generation - it may sometimes take a while to find a GT cassiterite vein, but once you do, it can easily contain 40-60 stacks of ore blocks.

    Ok thanks for the info :)

    the trees gregtech adds are far better than normal trees, granting twice as much charcoal in the coke oven and plenty of saplings

    there are some with special sap though I've not looked into them myself

    Ok thank you for the response guys. I'll do some testing and decide which way to go.