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    Well along the lines of everyones thinking with wind turbines. If greg feels up to the challenge he could try implementing a Counter Rotating Ring Receiver Reactor Recuperator (CR5 for short) which can make fuel and water as byproducts of generating power.

    Link to Google Translate page

    My apologies but its one of those things that certain governments don't like to have as public knowledge so everyone thank the Danish people for keeping the page alive.

    The ftb wiki is planning to move to a new server "soon". I hope it will really happen in the next few days. It takes me 2-3 tries to upload a new page the last few days. Sometimes i wrote the descriptions offline and put them online in the morning when less people are online.

    From experience I know that Google's Servers are more than capable. I used to host my own wiki when I was making a mod pack for the 1.4.7 days, But I am sure that there are plenty of options that are available. Thats my two cents however.

    Not to mention that all parts of the site are automatically secured if you want them to be, but that is my profession rearing its head.

    Good, however 95% of people cannot access it at 90% of time :D

    Well I must be one of those select few but does anyone know if the FTB wiki uses Cloudflare to help offset the massive amount of people that visit the site daily. Even the free version of the service might help out a lot.

    p.s.: This is directed at any of the members that modify the wiki pages for the Greg Tech mod. This just may be my OCD but why don't all the pages for GT exist under the single master site thats already made.

    example: The homepage would be "" like it is now but all the pages that are created would be like this "[insert page name]" instead of the current way of "[Insert page name]"

    The next stage of ore processing feature that we have all been waiting for! Turning ores into liquid metal so that can get even more out of our mined ores? Or by chance is it a multiblock diesel generator or some other multiblock machine?

    EDIT: Or can it be that we are finally going to get some block so we can make molten salt for our thermal boilers.

    Hey there Greg, I was thinking about all my woes being a minecrafter and using your mod With Buildcraft we are introduced with a way to automatically mine blocks. With RedPower2 we can make a Modular machine to do that as well, but NONE of these ways of automatic mining with the silk touch effect on them. I was wondering if you could possibly make a quarry that has silk touch instead of just normal mining.

    Well thanks for at least looking. Bye :D

    This is for adding a little bit of real life into IC2. In real life depleted uranium is used for the shell of an Abrams tank with led on the inside to protect the drivers from radiation. I was wondering if

    • 1. to add a new ore specifically lead to go in tandem for use with;
    • 2. Depleted Uranium plating which can be used for advanced protection.

    Of what to use the protection for maybe reactor plating that can absorb a nuclear overload or maybe a better form of reinforced stone that can be used for building protection. This is just my two cents in hope of further developing this mod for the future.


    Finally I have been thinking that there should some way to equalize the of the Macerators and the Induction Furnace. Not to mention the face that two output slots would be a god send so you do not have to empty it every half-cycle( one cycle being macerating 64 blocks of an particular item). :D :D :D