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    i propose that that the "general discussion" sub-forum be renamed the "no spambots allowed" sub-forum because the spambots like it so much the hope is the name change will throw some of them off

    time awake: can't this field fill its self out?
    so many questions. how did the core get replaced with spam bots? and how it the planet still holding together? with their combined physical strength they could rip the earth to pieces and eject the crust into space at any moment. are they dormant? if so how do we keep it that way till we can escape? are there any functioning space craft still on the planet? or did greg launch all of them to prevent the spambots from escaping? do the bots even want to escape? or do they just want to trap people here to fulfill their programming? is there any way out of this beside evacuation? well there's NAAWWW even if he survived he wouldn't be to keen on being hooked up to the "chosen ones" Tesla coil. forget it computer just edit that part out what do you mean you can't edit!? what kind of cheap pie-*BONK!* OW! what the- oh a ladder
    *begins climbing*
    *a giant tentacle shape made of spambots erupts from the ground*
    Leo: yeah they've been popping out every few miles you should get up here fast

    but why would they pop out now!? *light bulb* are you running an IFF transponder!?

    Leo: yeah high powered so my bots know where i am why?

    did it occur to you that the bots might be sleeping and that powerful energy signatures might wake them up!?
    *bot-entacle takes a swing at the whirlybird*
    Leo: *evading* yeah that makes sense now get up here before we get swatted out of the sky!
    *bot-entacle takes a swing at lurker*

    Alblaka has denied all all-in-one and combo armor suggestions i believe his words were something like "if you want stronger quantum armor then you should play in creative mode"

    also repeating previously denied suggests is frowned upon here some annoyingly repeated suggestions can even get you banned (or at least flamed to the nether and back) please run a search to check if your next idea has been discussed before posting.

    those aren't steps i was just listing the classic counter arguments to "NERF QSUITS THEY OP!!!" as i remembered them. if your users are not good enough at minecraft to come up with a creative solution then just disable the suits crafting recipe and confiscate the rest like all the other pvp servers

    1st. ic2 is not meant for pvp
    2nd. modpacks are a touchy subject around here we should not need to know if you using a modpack so to avoid flames don't tell us.
    3rd. its only god armor cause your attacking it the wrong way follow these tips
    a. use nano sabers (they are made to specifically to harm quantum suits and as a result deal extra damage to them)
    b. nuke thier base (if they can't recharge the armor is useless)
    c. fight quantum with quantum
    d. potions (the armor isn't potion proof)
    4th. do to some syncing mumbojoumbo damaging the armor is currently bugged i think
    5th. really you better of just disabling crafting it at all in which case just screw around with the block ID's

    *sending coordinates*
    be advised there is an unfathomable number of spam bots just below the planets crust as far as we can tell comprising the entirety of the planets core. any place where the crust is thin such as a ravine, quarry hole, large ocean, or nuclear crater is a potential breakthrough point if your base is near anything like that you should make preparations to relocate immediately

    later that night hiding in a fox hole with T10a "there is something you must know" *pulls out recording device*
    time awake: I JUST NUKED THE FRIDGE!
    craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*THUD!* what the!? *open door* hmm it appears i have achieved orbit *glances around* and have bumped into a gregtech observation satellite. well lets just wire this stuff up at take a look at the nuke site...
    spambot saturation report:
    layer 64: 0%
    layer 65: 0%
    layer 63: .1%
    *scroll, scroll, scroll*
    layer 10: 5%
    layer 9: 6%
    layer 8: 7%
    *scroll, scroll*
    layer 1: 14%
    layer 0: error
    (void)layer -1: 100%
    (void)layer -2: 100%
    *scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll*
    (void)layer -128: still 100%
    that is not good.
    that is really really not good
    *closes door*
    "the planets core is solid spambots we need to get off this rock before they pull the crust apart"

    apparently the original 7 and immigrants are hardy enough to take it, but keep an eye on your babies they are going to freak its going to start when they turn 2

    i was going to try it but then i heard that the latest versions clothing system is bugged (beware your dwarves are going to be self-conscious sissy's who demand constantly perfect clothes and remember losing is fun)

    time awake: crap! crap! crap! crap!
    *reaches surface*




    *looks up*
    *stuffs self inside fridge*
    *muffled* Indian Jones eat your heart out!
    *nukes go off*