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    How about an electrical field based on an alternate variant of the Tesla Coil?

    You'd have to wear Nano or Quantum armor to receive certain effects from it, or have a tool that would benefit from the effects. Notably, long range charging station with possibility for over-charge, resulting in higher efficiency. The EU requirements would be massive, though. Every EU sent to the player would require an extra EU per, say, every block away from the coil to maintain a full transfer.

    An advanced variant or addon device would allow you to determine which direction the power is sent in. Up, down, left, right, backwards, forwards, and spherical.

    OC Heat Vents are bloody useful, yes.

    My personal opinion?

    Keep them just as powerful as they are, but with a difference.
    Give them a maximum life span of one full cycle, and set up any heat beyond a certain point (say, anything above 12 cooling per second) to damage it further.

    Gold is, by default *quite* uncommon. Make it easy to break the gold parts. If you want them to last longer, use Notch's magical crafting table repair system. :P

    Pretty much - the idea is similar to the ICBM mod's radioactive blocks, but a little less of a pain.

    Alternately - rather than it being CPU intensive, there could be a block similar to Redstone Dust that gets littered at a 60-70% probability on top of any open block within 3-4x the radius of the explosion itself, up to a maximum of 20 or so blocks above the origin of the explosion. Specialized equipment would be necessary for survival, and the dust would emit a light level of 8 or so (to cut down mob spawns slightly). My thoughts on the light: Trace amounts of tritium can be found in nuclear bomb craters.

    The one-shot radiation is a little unrealistic, IMO - too much so, to be honest. Either a dust block, or a single point at bomb origin that continuously poisons things within the radius (of course, with a clock on it that slowly lowers the radiation levels over time).

    If a radioactive dust block were added, the particles could be swept up and compressed into an alternate nuclear fuel ingot.

    Actually... brb, getting MCP and seeing how bad at modding I've gotten.

    Radioactivity. We all know about it, and it makes us horrifyingly ill when we receive an overdose.

    IC2 nuclear explosions only have an immediate effect on whatever happens to wander into the blast radius at the time of the explosion, at the moment.
    We can do much, MUCH better than this.

    My thoughts - Radioactive Dust. Forms a thin layer of dust on a block, can be collected with a shovel like snowballs. However, going near it without a Hazmat suit is insanely dangerous, and leads to outright poisoning and possible death. Each radioactive dust block would have a radius of effect depending on how much more dust is adjacent to it, with a minimum of a 2 block reach away from itself.

    In the event of a nuclear explosion, this dust is littered about the resulting crater following a similar algorithm to regular explosions (ie: raycasting to destroy blocks). After the initial explosion, just run a check on the explosion radius and have a random chance to plant a dust block on whatever block is hit by the raycast, with a greatly increased chance of it appearing on the tops of surfaces. Sides and bottoms could be coated in radioactive dust as well, but to a much lower degree.

    This dust isn't just harmful, though. If processed correctly it can produce a fertilizer with an increased chance of causing a plant mutation (of course, with severely reduced GGR). It can also be used to refuel uranium cells, or be formed into an alternative to glowstone (albeit relatively dangerous).

    The downside to this stuff? You have to blow something up to get it.

    How about...


    Our new TOUGHDIRT product uses a combination of gravel, Obsidian Dust, and massive quantities of Fertilizer to make something similar to dirt that can be farmed, and can grow grass (though it's SLIGHTLY off-color), and is highly resistant to the outdoor suicide shrubberies that prompted the invention. Regular dirt, when one of aforementioned suicide shrubberies explodes, generally has a three to four meter deep crater. The Obsidian mixture in this new landscaping tool absorbs most of the heat, and deforms when hit by a blast wave, absorbing much of the shock. Some can still be destroyed by an explosion of such force, but not nearly as much as before.

    In other words, with how difficult it is to get a large amount of Obsidian needed for that kind of thing, I should go with a thick Reinforced Stone container with water surrounding the reactor in order to make it reasonably safe if I, for some stupid reason, leave the thing running while in a MK-III or IV setup.

    Probably could easily use a piston based doorway to gain access too.

    Due to the horror stories I've heard around these places, I've got a small question.
    How powerful can nuclear explosions be? In particular, nuclear meltdowns?

    While it's entirely possible to make entirely safe nuclear reactors, they don't exactly use their uranium cells to the maximum. I'd like to use several high power nuclear reactors, preferably MKIII and MKIV, in order to power some fairly large facilities.

    Water's blast resistance is 500, and that has little effect. How thick would I need to make, say, an Obsidian wall to protect everything on the other side?