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    As admin of a server, I've defended GT many fucking times. It used to be pretty damn good back in 1.2.5, and was still decent up until the end of 1.4.7. The plate-bending and assembling machines are pure fucking bullshit, though, and his latest update is just a big middle finger to everyone. I can't wait until either FTB removes it from their packs or RichardG codes in something that stops GT.

    "The plate-bending and assembling machines are pure fucking bullshit" Opinions are great, but as a server admin you should be able to fix a few configs if you're players are not happy.

    It'd be great if the FTB guys made an easy mode GT ultimate pack or just straight up removed it. (notice its up to the FTB guys here to change configs or remove it, not greg to nerf his mod), Would clean up a LOT of unneeded bad noise.

    You do realize that (some) FTB packs included GT with easymode configurations, right? That's exactly what the configs are there for: to make things work the way players want.

    Sadly the people complaining are the ones who believe they are somehow entitled to ask greg to code his mod to their requirements. As if its inclusion in a mod pack somehow gives them the right to dictate the mods direction. So this argument of "just change the configs if you're not happy" doesn't work on them, because they want the defaults THEIR way, and not the way the mods intended. You can't argue with stupid.

    hey thunderdark new 17b is crashing on load when using basiccomponents_v1.2.0.291

    v13b works fine however.

    NEI only shows how to obtain a certain block/item, doesn't show what you can do out of it, like CG does. If not for this, I would totally agree.

    You've clearly not been using nei properly. Install the nei plugins for the mods you want, and then when you have an item, Press U (by default i think) while hovering over it. shows you what its used in.


    Having this odd bug with your mod installed. If you try to press the key bound to the gravisuit's fly function, whilst on the menu before you load a game it throws this error.

    Which kicks you outta the game. :(
    Any ideas what causes this?

    Concur with above. Updated NEI crashes minecraft when you try to load a industrial craft recipe. Exact same error as above. NEI forum says its an integration problem at IC2's end because NEI has changed a few things in the latest update.

    " I havent tried this mod yet, but im thinking as long as i use ccSensors this is no real need for it. "

    Correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't ccSensors a Singleplayer only addon for computercraft? Whereas this mod here is both SSP and SMP?

    EDIT : Reread this and it sounds like i'm having a go at you. I'm not! I think your program and nuke control is awesome, just pointing out that this mod is useful for a SMP setting aswell, and to my knowledge ccSensors is singleplayer only.