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    Thanks goes to FourFire for new buildings to the map.

    My only gripe atm is the map is still based on 1.7.3, but I suppose if you travel far away from the flat part of the map you'll generate 1.8.1 stuff. Maybe. Haven't tried yet. :x

    1.9, I'll start from scratch, and try to transpose the new buildings over. Maybe add some of the new stuff in the bins too (Melons, Pumpkin seeds, etc etc)

    On the modloader modpage, is an addon called Deathchest. With it, when you die and have an extra chest in your inv, it drops the chest and places as many of the items in your inv inside of it. Any extras drops around, with risk of dropping into lava.

    Personal Chests holds more than a normal single-chest. My suggestion is an in-built feature in personal chests, whereas if you have a personal chest on you when you die, it drops and holds all your items in the spot you die without the need to use Risugami's Mod. Using a personal chest instead of a regular chest would allow -all- items to be stored instead of a single-chest's worth.

    Ah. So if you live in an area for a while animals will stop spawning around where you live. With far distance even I can't see a single one around the workshop. Figured it had to do with one of those chunk unloading/load errors people are experiencing. I guess you can close this thread now. c.c

    (Also, when I said 'before', I mean within the same 1.8.1, IC2 1.15 map save. I started this map from scratch and even as I was building my workshop animals were plentiful. Just wanted to elaborate.)

    How mobs spawn is changed in minecraft beta 1.8.1: new spawn system.

    Well, that looks alright. But if I stand on top of my tower and look around, the land is completely bare of animals. Nothing. When I first started out though animals would spawn all the time and gather all over the place. And it's been like that for a fair bit until suddenly it was just suddenly bare. If I travel far away animals start spawning, then when I travel back, still bare. It just doesn't seem normal for me, and it seemed to only started happening when I got my tech tree of IC2 machines going.

    I have no clue if I could reproduce this. It just happened so suddenly and I'm not sure when it started, but I was around 4ish (real-life) days into my IC2 1.15 game when animals simply refused to spawn in/near the chunk where I keep all my machines. Batboxes, copper and Glass cables, MFE, generators, all the usual stuff you expect. The problem is I also have Portal Gun, BC 2.2.0, and a few other minor mods installed. I'm gonna try again and replicate this error with a bare minimum IC2 1.15, but whatever happened, I think the chunk(s) that held all my machines somehow corrupted?

    Edit: I have started a new game with the same set of mods. Animals spawn normally on a fresh map. They also spawn normally on the same (corrupted) map if I travel far away from my workshop. Hostile mobs spawn normally everywhere though.

    Right. It's a mod Test Map. Which is to also catch problems with creating machines and objects with IndustrialCraft. So, -ONLY- base materials were TMI'd in. There are a lot of problems with TMI and IndustrialCraft (read above), and if these bugged objects and machines were placed in the chest and you were to use them, then chances are good you'll be posting false-positive bug reports in the forum correct? Just get a bit of elbow grease and build them yourself. It's all there. You just gotta macerator smelt and build it all.

    I'm sorry I'm not building stuff for you. But it's all part of the test process. If you'd rather start a blank map instead of a map with all raw materials from the get go in chests, then go ahead and start your fresh map. 8)

    All slabs are hardcoded in the game to be treated like stone, because they have the same ids with seperate damage values to determine the texture, with the default slab being the stone slab. Not sure anything can be done about it with this mod, you'll just have to use a drill I think.

    could you possibly include one or more of my reactro containment chambers in the map? they are .schematics on my reactor thread :D

    Well, all the materials are in there right? The point of the map is to craft items from raw components only for testing purposes, in case a new version of IC2 breaks something in the recipes. So sorry, you'll just have to build the machines yourself. :x

    Edit: Oh, you mean like a pre-built reactor for power. Hmm, I may consider. Or you could just go ahead and upload it yourself if you like. :D

    Miner also uses only 1 half of double chest, and when half of chest is filled, miner starts to throw items outside.

    This has always been the case, with miners, generators+batteries, crystal chargers and MFEs in IC1. I figure it's simply because the machines can only 'see' and utilize chests that are directly beside them. Double chests are really two 'seperate' chest blocks which opens at the same time.

    If you read my previous post, You will realize that if you want to do that, you need to also redo the scrap system, as you can already grow diamonds simply by scrapping reeds and using scrap boxes. You even get a ton of other useful stuff too. This would actually not be much different, aside from the increased time cost and ofc using some nonrenewable resources, such as flint and obsidian/bricks

    Personally I would really rather have macerating charcoal into coal dust back, thinking about it, unless something is done to revamp the scrap system.

    I thought the scrap-box was done with? Or maybe it was re-added in IC2 1.0, I'm not sure I didn't get a chance to check yet. I thought scraps were now solely for matter generation, or if not maybe it should be.

    Edit: Just produced a scrap box in my test map. Still, perhaps scrap-boxes should be scrapped, with scraps instead be reserved for the Mass Fabricator.

    I agree with the 'charcoal dust' idea except for the part where you can use it to make diamonds. Growing diamonds just isn't a good idea.

    So how about instead, macerating charcoal creates Charcoal Dust Scrap, which 4 of creates Charcoal Dust, which can then -ONLY- be used to make hydronated coal dust and carbon nanofibers. No diamonds, or gunpowder. (well, maybe gunpowder. Not exactly sure if it's OP to get cheap TNT.)

    Crap! I knew I was forgetting something. I was going through all those chests and thought I had everything.

    Also new with this update is I made the single-chests doubles. It doesn't look 'as nice' but as before I value function over anything else.

    Also new with this update, is I placed signs in front of all the chests so you can tell whats inside before looking into them

    Map updated!

    A few things corrected. For one the storage house is larger, more chests means more raw items. The center chests around the workbench are empty for placement of crafted goods.
    Again, left the second floor empty. I meant it for machine placements and such, so you can make it your home as a personal touch. As always if you got better ideas for the house or are a better builder feel free to upload your take. Or better yet, for anyone, feel free to post screenshots too! :D

    The flatmap is now on the 32nd layer, so that means slimes no longer hop around in broad daylight anymore. Also, it means there's explorable caves under the map now. :3

    The flatmap is larger too! So even on far setting you should not see the obsidian for a good while. Plus the obsidian wall is lowered so you can acturally climb over it easier now if you wanted. Before the obsidian went all the way to the skybox. Now it's just up to ocean level so water doesn't spill over.

    Not 100% sure where to place this so I guess I'll just upload it here.

    Using TMI and SinglePlayerCommands, I created an large flat map made for testing IndustrialCraft^2's features on my crappy old laptop while at work. Since 98% of the blocks have been deleted it runs really fast on it now. But I also figured, why not share it on here as well. It features a large flat plain that extends right to far distance setting, ending with an obsidian wall and beyond that natural occurring blocks. If one doesn't want to stay in the flat map they could always travel or portal out of it.

    The main building on the map is a storage house with every single raw block I could think of. If I am missing anything please let me know and I'll update the map. (If you are better at building than me (a very good chance at that!) feel free to share an updated map. I just wanted a functional storehouse, didn't care what it looks like heh.)

    Main Storage only contains RAW materials. Ores, metal blocks, wood, sapplings, diamonds. Very little constructed items. It also only contains raw IndustrialCraft items like copper and tin ore, and the new rubber tree sapplings.

    -NEW- Updated by FourFire and tested to be %100 glitch-free. 1.1.0 now includes a fully-fuctional reactor and a well-stocked machine workshop!

    1.1.0 Download Link: (Workshop, Fuctional Reactor added! Credits goes to FourFire.)

    1.0.2 Download Link: (Fixed Uranium, signs in front of chests now, even more raw materials than 1.0.1)

    1.0.1 Download Link: (Larger, no slime spawns, no Uranium)

    1.0.0 Download Link: (First update, slimes everywhere, smaller house, less items)

    How to Install: Install IndustrialCraft2 as normal. Unzip the rar file, place the intact folder into your saves directory in your .minecraft folder.

    A few quirks: Slimes spawn in direct sunlight. Since the flat map is on bedrock level, they will spawn everywhere. Fixed!
    I'm not sure what I did but apparently I deleted some sort of 'weather' block when clearing out the map. There's a couple spots in the middle around the spawn where it doesn't rain. Not game breaking but weird. :x