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    Just wondering, what do you guys think of Industrial Craft2 and Universal Electricity (with all of it's related mods)

    I have been a dedicated follower of Industrial Craft(2) for sometime but I am starting to wonder if other Electric Tech Mods are becoming more creative and innovative.

    Personally i like some of the ideas such as Atomic Science but I think that the coding and textures are a bit amateur.

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    Hi guys!

    I started by following this tutorial for making this nuker. I accidentally made the mistake of placing the red allow wire for the coolant pulse over the reactor so when I started it up it shut down every few bits of second. The coolant system was working fine and the reactors heat was stable. I quickly realized the problem and fixed it. Then the reactor started heating up and I had to shut it down.

    I checked...

    All machines oriented correctly.
    Buckets in filters.
    Deployers filled.Timer set to .550

    Could please give any help about this. It seemed like there is a wierd bug with this. I'm running ic2 rp2 thermometer addon, flans mod, optifine, tmi and other stuff. I've got Ic2 v 1.95b. And minecraft 1.2.5 running with java 6 on a Mac. (OS X 10.7 LION)


    Thanks so much. I'm no longer with 1740 EU/t (5 Chamber Bucket CASUC) and 1840 EU/t (5 Chamber Bucket CASUC) reactors.


    With your reactors do you include the power lost in the cooling system? (For example are your 1840 EU/t Ice CASUC reactors producing that AFTER you take away the power lost from cooling systems?)

    Thanks :D