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    MrEyeballs29 presuming you have the necessary permissions to install browser plugins, you could do that (and automatically hide the words for yourself, and anyone viewing your computer) instead of trying to persuade Greg to change his habits. For Firefox, I very quickly found one called "Advanced Profanity Filter", and if you're using a different browser, I expect you could still find something similar.

    Umm I am using Chrome but thank you very much. Also trying to change to blue texts does sometimes way too. finally I don't have to change any profanity words into with just using blue text.

    How do I make a certain block directional.

    I tried with this code all i get is this:

    I can assume how some of the new Energy units and machines are supposed to work,

    Heat Unit (HU), Kinetic Unit (KU), Electric Unit (EU), Rotation Unit? (RU?), Light Unit? (LU?), Cool Unit?(CU? technically "cold" is just the absence of heat, so shouldn't it just be -HU?), ???? Unit (QU)

    Its Quantum Unit, as for Rotation is called rotational, coolant unit is what you meant, as far as heat unit is called heating unit, these initials are correction. The few power systems which are unused are Lighting unit, AU, MJ, TU, NU, and TC Aspects.


    According to the power system screenshot ;)

    Not if you enable Adventure Mode in the Config. ;P

    1. Uh about the adventure mode. it is changed drastically in the vanilla MC 1.8 where you had to have a certain tool which contains a NBT tag for breaking a certain block or a NBT tag for placing a block. If you want to know vanilla MC crap.
    2. Sorry for that offtopic nonsense but as I said before there is bugs with adventure mode where it does some weird stuff. I certainly doubt it to change it to adventure.
    3. Should I build a nine by nine build with just wood planks.
    the Earlygame Guide of GT wrote:

    You can pick them up using Right Click or Left Click, it doesn’t really matter unless you have a Fortune Tool, in which case Left Click is better. In either case, no more punching Trees needed to get Sticks.

    You can still punch trees with just using bare hands so it sort of defeats the purpose. ;)

    You are not supposed to go to other peoples places and yell things that dont even have any contextual sense. For example the "oh its so easy to get diamonds" stuff does not make any sense and is not supposed to be in any Thread. You just end up confusing people with those completely irrelevant Posts, and that is a bad thing.

    Right I am now an idiot.

    I don't get that either, I already warned him about it about a day later. Lets hope that isn't happening again, because he is confusing people left and right with that dumb stuff.

    So I this thread is supposed to be IC2 Related, Oh godang it, What about the offtopic nonsense, does it supposed to go to the other threads, forums, or somewhere else that I can post nonsense post, but not here? And get rid of that stupid warning it is annoying me like crazy. I don't have really to anything to talk about here so Im outta here before I get even more warnings or worst case scenario I get temporarily banned for a week or the true worst case scenario I get permanent banned. :P

    What exactly is this dumpster fire of a waste you just did about? This is even too offtopic for offtopic.

    Sorry but not Sorry at the same time, wrong Forum ehh for that offtopic waste.

    Also, getting diamonds are a piece of cake because I am in a newest minecraft version: 1.12.2. ;) Comparing to the gregtech mod, I could hardly any diamonds which oh boy It sucks. :P

    Last Question: Where does this offtopic post which quoted myself is supposed to go?

    I am lazy so The color code is in my signature now. ;)

    *Facepalm* Really depressed_pho , are you making an addon too. I am tired of GT addons unless the addons make more exploits then I won't be as tired.

    If you are GregourusT then don't read this. I found out some diamonds which are a piece of cake. Unlike the other modpacks not so much. :P  I still recommend that I should able to make more exploits. ;)

    Come on, the red meaning don't read that unless you are not GT. And Green meaning Everyone must read that, except for myself of course.

    imer could you explain me that?

    Why the "heck" can I enter Text There? Why does the Forum make my Text Insertion Pointer go up there while I try to paste into the Reply Field?

    Must be a glitch or something. :P Are you in debug mode? only tails the box boy can do the expert engineering with expolit jazz. :Advanced Machine:

    Remember: blue bolded text meaning the original was swearing, so i replaced it with a not a swearing text instead. ;)

    MC Water Bottles contain 0 Liters of Water, but are filled using 250 Liters of Water. This is because of the existence of several exploits involving those Bottles, that I am preventing this way.

    And that is why you should add 250 mB to Water bottles, so that way it won't be annoying or better yet make water bottles useful again.

    If not, I am going to use minetweaker to adjust them if they have it available. FOR EXPLOITS REASONS!!! :| I AM MAKING THINGS THE MOST EXPLOITABLE AS POSSIBLE.

    Like I Said before green meaning must be read. :)

    Changelog For GT 6.07.15

    Developer Api

    • Made the Garbage Bin and Garbage Dump Storage accessible and also usable via API.


    • Military Bumblebees that produce Combs that yield Bone Dust, they will not attack Players, but they can attack any Mob closeby, even Skeletons and Stuff that would be immune to normal Bumbles.


    • Harvestcraft Candle Crafting Recipes.
    • Not all Mortar Recipes were showing in NEI, when looking up Recipes outputting Dust.
    • Issues with the Global Garbage failing to save its Files.


    • Global Trash (Ender Garbage Bin and Ender Garbage Dump)
      Using the Plunger to delete Fluids from a Tank will cause the Fluid to go into the Global Trash instead of being entirely voided. If a Mass Storage or Item Barrel with more than 512 Stacks inside it is broken, the previously voided surplus Stacks will now go into the Global Trash.
    • If you right click any Bibliocraft thing with a GT6 Item or Tool, it wont do any of the Items or Tools Right Click-Actions anymore.


    • Cooking for Blockheads has its Books now Shelvable. I cannot fully recommend that Mod though as it is exploitable (an Infinite Salt exploit, or removed Crafting Recipes still being there, for example) You must install this mod because the amount of exploits, and it's still a nice to have with Harvestcraft.
    • Better Records: URL and Multi Records are now Shelvable, and the normal URL Record is now actually visible in NEI, and craftable with other Mods Music Discs too, not just vanilla ones. Seems to be an interesting Mod, gonna List it in my Recommenders.
    • Erebus has Bumblehives generating in it now.
    • Twilight Forest has Bumble Hives generating in it now.
    • Atum has GT6 Ores and Desert Bumble Hives generating in it now.
    • Botania Livingwood and Dreamwood are now way more compatible and usable for GT6 Item and Fluid Barrels.
    • Betweenlands Mortar Recipes for Plants got taken over to the GT6 Mortar. GT6 Ores and Bumble Hives generate in that Dimension too now. Added Octine Crucible Set and Weedwood Barrels for both, Items and Fluids.

    News Report

    Also that green text is part where you must read, and for as the striked text that is either not mine or crossed out for reasons. Cheers to The Green Machine for the most exploitable ways. :P

    As for DecoBlocks Classic news I am going to make some of the tools like ruby, sapphire, topaz, amethyst, jade, peridot, pearl, opal, and amber, not too overpowered but overpowered enough.