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    How do I make a certain block directional.

    I tried with this code all i get is this:

    You are not supposed to go to other peoples places and yell things that dont even have any contextual sense. For example the "oh its so easy to get diamonds" stuff does not make any sense and is not supposed to be in any Thread. You just end up confusing people with those completely irrelevant Posts, and that is a bad thing.

    Right I am now an idiot.

    I don't get that either, I already warned him about it about a day later. Lets hope that isn't happening again, because he is confusing people left and right with that dumb stuff.

    So I this thread is supposed to be IC2 Related, Oh godang it, What about the offtopic nonsense, does it supposed to go to the other threads, forums, or somewhere else that I can post nonsense post, but not here? And get rid of that stupid warning it is annoying me like crazy. I don't have really to anything to talk about here so Im outta here before I get even more warnings or worst case scenario I get temporarily banned for a week or the true worst case scenario I get permanent banned. :P

    What exactly is this dumpster fire of a waste you just did about? This is even too offtopic for offtopic.

    Sorry but not Sorry at the same time, wrong Forum ehh for that offtopic waste.

    Also, getting diamonds are a piece of cake because I am in a newest minecraft version: 1.12.2. ;) Comparing to the gregtech mod, I could hardly any diamonds which oh boy It sucks. :P

    Last Question: Where does this offtopic post which quoted myself is supposed to go?

    I am lazy so The color code is in my signature now. ;)

    imer could you explain me that?

    Why the "heck" can I enter Text There? Why does the Forum make my Text Insertion Pointer go up there while I try to paste into the Reply Field?

    Must be a glitch or something. :P Are you in debug mode? only tails the box boy can do the expert engineering with expolit jazz. :Advanced Machine:

    Remember: blue bolded text meaning the original was swearing, so i replaced it with a not a swearing text instead. ;)

    Ok that is almost translates into

    (I am french sorry i speak not very well your language BUT ... i discovert gregtech (I do not know if we say it

    1- gregtech forced you to get out your rear end to finally offer you craft that will make you sweety on facebook when you film yourself doing them

    2 gregorius is a king of the bronze (with forestry)

    3- I love "l ore generation" as I love to chat with my girlfriend on the phone while I mine

    4 - gregorius is fantastic

    5 gregorius is fantastic ect ect ...

    6 -I wanted to say it)

    Also that translation on the marked color is actually changed due to swearing.

    Edit: Almost forgot someone needs to quote mine not the thread post.

    2nd Edit: Some translation could be really weird stuff.

    I just figured out how to create a multiplayer server which has industrialcraft in it. I want to use the world from my previous server but the problem is that none of the ores (Lead, Uranium, Copper, etc.) are in this world. So my question is how can I get this world to spawn the industrial craft ores?

    I am currently using minecraft 1.12 with the corresponding versions of IC2 and forge.

    You have to enable retrogeneration.

    wait the code says

    package mreyeballs29.decoblocks.item;
    import mreyeballs29.decoblocks.Constants;
    import net.minecraft.item.Item;
    public class Hammer extends Item {
        public Hammer(String name) {
            this.setTextureName(Constants.TEXTURE_PREFIX + name);

    and that still means it goes back into my inventory

    This mod allows you to enhance the vanilla decorations, such as lacking of ceramics is now with porcelain blocks, tired of getting only 7 plain stone styles, now with 8 more styles, do you want some starter food, now with nutrient bars. There is only two items in the mod and those items are Clay Ball and Sand Dust. I also renamed some vanilla names too.