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    on modularForceFieldSystemV1.2Beta6pre3_2i can see the mffs on NEI and i can spawn them, but i can't craft them? the recipes are not showing on craftguide and NEI.

    im using MC 1.2.3,IC2 1.81 and Forge

    Because is not compatible with Forge, read the name again and you will not see a "Forge" tag in first place, the autor must make a fix with the running Forge (hard atm cause forge is not pretty stable atm, you can check the fact are nearly all days a new version)

    I just not using this mod cause it eat a lot of Ids

    I seeing thw latests 2 error logs are not using a updated version of Forge (that is making a lot of bugs lately)

    minecraftforge-client- in the last client I have, at last I manage to fit all the top technological mods without crashing and wonky effects.

    IC2, BC, RP, Forestry, Compact solars addon, Adv machines addon. I just update the Forge without need to reinstall all from zero (is not crashing or buggin atm, but I suggest have more backups just in case) like drag and drop all the files inside the jar (the Forge files not the mods!).

    Now I gonna check if this addon fits with the last forge build (minecraftforge-client-

    Edit: oh I manage to change all id problems manually, I suggest use Notepad++ (free, open source and supports a lot of file types), cause the default constant use of notepad (win 7) corrupt couple of times my config files making more crashes.
    Silly me, this is not using Forge, I can´t waste 17IDs for just one feature :s

    Edit2: I just see in other posts, exist a new build of Forge. gonna check again.

    Never test Lep Zeppelin mod, all the machines stuff that are not originally from the mod, will fit without crashes or bugs? (example I can have a fully funtional windmill/solars generators upon?

    Oh wow a person from Spain that is wanted translate in nuetral spanish and not the "joder tio" version of spanish!

    Good work. so now we need wait for make a spanish version of the wiki if the official one opens multi language version.

    Saludos desde Santa Marta - Colombia

    Actually this have his utility, even in a SMP server (and I don´t like SMP because MC hates SMP really), example will be just and admin item, you can save a lot of lag, in a SSP I find useful too because this will reduce (I suppose cause II can´t play MC from a minilaptop) massive tons of lags.

    Nice addon I will implement it in my MC after developers fix the Forge bug !

    Ok, apart of the "hayo" joke stuff (that I don´t find it wrong), and apart of the matter recipes (that is just a little portion of the wiki and really most people can find that info in any site).

    We can try improve other wiki places, like for example, a useful info will be translations.

    I can contribute to translate it to latin spanish (Spain spanish is just meh... and for the most spanish people are from South America and Central America).
    Is possible the official wiki can have a multi language support?

    Also this info can be used for a latin spanish translation in-game (Es Argentinean fit, Es Mexican will work too).

    I just test it a lot of times for target of the bug, is from Forge, cause i ve just begin fresh .jar, and just install IC2 (after a lot of test with my other mods) .

    You can check with just any machine, energy store machine, and 2 types of cables. Put a cable remove it, and put other one, you will see the new cable turns into the old one you just remove before.