[1.81] [MAJOR BUG] Nuclear reactor explodes multiple times

  • The nuclear reactors explode multiple times. I made a video to demonstrate.
    The mods I have is Buildcraft 2.2.13, Redpower 2.0pr4e & Industrialcraft 1.81 of course.
    The video should explain most of it...


    EDIT: Forge version
    EDIT2: Tested with Forge version, the bug is in that version too.

  • I'm going to assume that this bug also affects the MFE's? Cause when I slot in a charged Energy Crystal, it fully blows me away a good distance, the explosion settles after a little while, machine I was connecting to is gone (Rotary Macerator), and when I reopen the MFE's GUI, I find that the EC is discharged and only 32EU are sitting in the buffer, and when I try to put in another EC, either it explodes when connected to a machine, or gives me a saving chunk error when it's not connected.

    I'll edit with a crash log in a minute.

    EDIT: No crash log, but I noticed that the explosion happens when I put the EC into the MFE regardless of it being connected to anything. It's almost as if the EC is transferring EU into the MFE at too high a voltage.

    EDIT2: Odd. Just installed Forge build 55 from a clean jar and the bug I reported just vanished. I'll double check the reactor one though.

    EDIT3: Just tried the reactor bug, it did explode multiple times, but didn't display the explosion graphic. Definitely odd.

  • I just test it a lot of times for target of the bug, is from Forge, cause i ve just begin fresh .jar, and just install IC2 (after a lot of test with my other mods) .

    You can check with just any machine, energy store machine, and 2 types of cables. Put a cable remove it, and put other one, you will see the new cable turns into the old one you just remove before.