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    No, it's not a way of Talking, it's a part of the Germanlanguage as far as I understand.

    Yes, instead of writing "Raum Fähre" (Space Shuttle), we write "Raumfähre" (Spaceshuttle). However, it's not "Germanlanguage" (or "Deutschesprache"), but "German language" (or "deutsche Sprache), as "German" is an adjective, and, as GregoriusT said, normally you only compund nouns. Of course you can also compund adjectives and nouns, for example "Schnellzug" (express train), where "schnell" is an adjective (fast) and "Zug" is a noun (train), however, adjectives are mostly just placed in front of the noun, just like in English. Often, you can also use hyphens instead of writing a word as one word, for example you can write "Reisfeld" or "Reis-Feld", which both mean the same (rice field). However, with such short words the better choice is to write them as one word, except if it would be difficult to read or so, for example "Teeernte" (tea harvest), where three "e"s are in a row, should be written as "Tee-Ernte". However, nowadays many people make the mistake of seperating words, for example "Reis Feld". THIS IS WRONG! DON'T DO IT! Complicated enough? Good.

    Live long and prosper!

    sorry for doubleposting i can't seem to edit my previous post. Though the crops appear (even though in black) they don't grow either

    The crops are black because of a lighting bug I also experienced with other addons' crops. If you walk around them, they'll probably be be normal sometimes, at other times a bit darker and at sometimes completely dark. The crops should grow, are you sure you're waiting long enough?



    Description: This subcompany of BrainTech produces plants, fungi and corresponding datachips for Apertura Agricultura's cropsticks.

    The miner wil mine everything in its path. The config just tells it what to look for. It digs down, and if you for example add dirt to the list in the config, it will look for near dirt in that layer and mine it.

    (Just in case you're wondering, I'm not using HI-JOE language because these suggestions don't really influence gameplay that much)
    Uses for unused sprites
    Several sprites, like the tesla coil's active state sprites, are not used in the game. I suggest uses for them, for example the tesla coil could use the active sprites when redstoned. I understand that this is pretty low priority, but I just wanted to write it down.

    While I'm at it, I'll just post these suggestions:

    Wrenchable ITNT
    In version 1.337b, the ability to wrench ITNT and nukes was removed because you could remove them by punching them. The problem is that you can activate ITNT by left-clicking. Do you see the problem? If you want to remove a block of ITNT, it explodes. The solution would be to re-enable the ability to wrench ITNT, which is my suggestion.
    ( :Coalball: =flint, :Nuke TNT: =TNT, :Bronze Dust: =bronze ingot, :Force Field: =nothing)
    :Coalball: :Coalball: :Coalball:
    :Nuke TNT: :Nuke TNT: :Nuke TNT:
    :Coalball: :Coalball: :Coalball:

    :Bronze Dust: :Force Field: :Bronze Dust:
    :Bronze Dust: :Bronze Dust: :Bronze Dust:
    :Force Field: :Bronze Dust: :Force Field:

    Improve changing machine's names
    Currently, a machine's name in its tooltip is the same as the one showed in the GUI. Because this can lead to problems if the names are very long, I suggest adding a new section to the .lang file where one can define the names displayed in the GUIs.

    *Wakes up*
    I don't now: W... Where am I?
    GregoriusT: You're in this ship's prison because you:

    • broke the law of conservation of energy and
    • broke the law of propagation of sound and
    • flew faster than allowed.

    What do you have to say for your defense?
    I don't now: I'm not guity, the suit is responsible for this! True, I created the suit, and I extracted the rubber the suit was made from too often, but I just JUMPED! I didn't intend to destroy a spaceship, several thermonuclear warheads, a planet and a ship's paint and the possibility to believe in the laws of physics!
    GregoriusT: Wait a minute... YOU DAMAGED MY SHIP'S PAINT??? I'll throw you into deep space... WITHOUT YOUR SUIT!
    I don't now: Wait a minute! Maybe I can help you with whatever you are doing! Maybe this device can help you! *takes out device* *presses button on device*
    *GregoriusT and a few guards are thrown away by an energy pulse*
    *A forcefield forms around them* *I teleport out of the ship* *an air-filled forcefield forms around me*
    *An escape shuttle decloaks in front of me*
    *I press another button on the device*
    *The shuttle recloaks*
    *I teleport back into my cell*
    *The forcefield is deactivated*
    I don't now: And that wasn't even the best thing we made in the facility! So please, don't throw me into deep space! It's a long way to the next inhabitable planet!
    GregoriusT (to a guard): Why does he still have that device?
    Guard: You didn't tell us to get his stuff, only the suit!
    GregoriustT: Why did I just employ you? (Again to I don't now) Well, I'll tell you if I let you live on this ship later.

    Hmm... I wonder what happens when I jump with my new HazMatSuit... *jumps**bounces into space* IT BREAKS THE LAWS OF THERMODYNAMICS!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...
    Meanwhile, at the L.M.S. Explorer
    Chief: Do you hear that?
    Someone else: What?
    Chief: It sounds like a scream... From outside.
    Someone else: That's impossible, outside is space. And because of the vacuum, there's no sound in space.
    Chief: Don't talk to me like I was an infant.
    Chief: Activate emergency force fields! I need a damage report! Radio officer, send a warning to everyone in the sector!

    Switching focus to I don't now again
    I don't now: It was a bad idea to extract the rubber that often that long with that many overclockers. Hey, is that a spaceship? *bounces off the real GregoriusT's spaceship's neutronium hull* Ouch. That hurt.

    Hey! Is that Minecraftia? If yes, I'm currently accelerating towards Minecraftia with my current speed being 17 c. Seems like this suit can break the laws of relativity. Wait a minute... I AM ACCELERATING TOWARDS MINECRAFTIA WITH CURRENTLY 17 c!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA... *pierces through Minecraftia, eaving behind two "spambot volcanoes"* Hey, look! THat lava looks grey! Wait a minute... Grey lava? Why? Oh, right, Minecraftia's core consists of spambots. That's not good.

    Hey, is that a black hole? Seems so... That's not good. *gets into an orbit around the black hole* Phew, that was luck. So... How do I get away from here? Hello? Help? Please?