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    I would say absolutely make it so the machines take a lot longer to pickaxe, I hate having to treat them like landmines because they literally break instantly like a cable, it's not even a challenge or anything at that point, its just like manuvering constantly around delicate glass. It at least keeps the challenge while removing the complete nuisance aspect.

    Also how in the world does wrench rotating work? It seems like it randomly chooses between switching the direction its facing and completely picking up the machine

    retep998 So why not have it be togglable option? or some way to disable it to prefer to different styles?

    You'd be conforming everyone to this one specific style that YOU want to play, while others like me disagree, isn't that hypocritical?

    I'd support at least a wuss mode or something


    The fact is I could support the wrench if the issues were seriously ironed out, but I have already lost many, many machines due to it. It doesn't work well in practice, and if you don't have any issues with it, that's fine, that means you're pretty good with the mod, doesn't mean it's the greatest feature for the public, it's just screwed me over way way too many times when I could have just as easily use a pickaxe, which is genuinely common sense.

    I think I lost maybe 6 machines before I even learned what the wrench was or that you could even lose machines, I thought it was a bug. It's very unintuitive.

    This mod is pretty cool right?

    I just started playing ftb infinity and modded minecraft in general, and I am absolutely addicted

    But what in the actual fuck is up with some of these straight up stupid decisions done in industrialcraft2?

    why is the wrench even a thing? the entire mechanic behind it is that you need to use it on every machine in order to pick it up, or else you WILL lose it and it'll just revert back to a basic machine

    why in the WORLD is this even coded in?

    the entire 'fun' behind it is that you have to be extremely careful or else you lose everything, right? that's the only possible point of view I can see, which is maybe more exciting for veteran players, but for me I'm just getting EXTREMELY pissed off when I waste 1000+ UU matter or stacks of diamonds or other very important time-consuming things just because I either didn't use the right tool, or I straight up accidentally mine a millisecond longer than I need to. (These machines break instantly under a pickaxe, it's even the "most effective" tool under the UI, are you kidding me?)

    I need to vent a lot!! This shit drives me up a wall and I can't even imagine how often it's fucked other people over too, why the hell is this still a thing god damnit!!!! infuriating isn't fun!!!!!

    The other things are these nonsensical ultra-convoluted ways to create items that used to be much, much simpler

    Primary example: Reinforced Stone


    what the fuck

    who in the world decided to make this so extremely needlessly complicated

    why should i spend half my day getting the shit necessary just to make 8 stone with some alloy metal? i have 200 million other things in minecraft to do, and I'm already wasting enough of my time as it is, this is nothing less than STUPID and UNNECCESSARY.

    I'm sorry if I come across as a giant asshole by my ranting and constant berating of the mod's flaws, but this has infuriated me enough to sign up on the forums to make a post about this, and I have no idea why there are constant prevaling issues like this, and why they were even added in the first place. These are things that are only fun if you spend an exorbinant amount of time on minecraft, and I've already wasted a couple weeks of my life on this game. Even then, extremely tedious tasks like this aren't even gameplay, it's just massive amounts of uneccessary fluff that NO ONE in their right mind would want, especially the wrench s

    eriously fuck the wrench, why can you not just pick up the machines with a pickaxe?

    I don't know if FTB Infinity uses an older version of IC2 and these problems are fixed, I don't know if development on this mod is entirely stagnant, I don't care!! I want answers dangit!!

    Thanks for reading my post pal, now please dont be mad like me I promise I'll calm down