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    i think fusion reactor is a great idea, i suggest we can have lithium as a ore can found under ground and lake ( in real world some lithium mine can found under salt lake). also we can have deuterium as a by-product from electrolzer by one mB every 7000mB or 7 bucket of water electrolysis ( but we may need to chage the gui and function of electrolyzer)

    sign me up please, i only have one unit next semester in uni, since i only looking for a job now, so i think i have times, if anything that i can do please contact me at my email, i could like to be the testing person

    hello, as i know we have fission reactor in the ic2, we have lots of nice design, also we have lithium in cheating mode, however if will have a fusion reactor in ic2 it will be awesome, like Tokamak. if we make some Tritium and Deuterium from water or mining some Helium-3 from moon (if install other space mod) that will be more fun .:thumbup:

    i got similar problem, i have 1.12.2 2.8.65, sometime i get into world, i saw one moment like this, after one moment they will become normal machine again,and also the cables sometime cannot connect to anything even those are already place and connected (when happen the just look like did not connect to any machines even there have some machines), what can i do.