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    huh, just installed this mod and set the config up to use IC2 recipes and have been messing with it, (Really really really cool by the way) but I cant seem to charge anything. I've got a full mfsu set up and when I stick the tool in there nothing happens. Its got the basic battery module set to fullest tinker and I just drained it messing with the plasma cannon module, but now I cant charge it. Is there something specific im missing?

    Oh sweet, I really want that. :) Make sure and add an invisible camo function as well. like maybe have the camo block or addon camo card and then have either an extra card or just completely separate card for an invisible function. Remember refracting light waves with a force field to make it invisible is a force power expensive thing. :P To keep it balanced at least. :) Haha any way thats great to here and much awaited!

    Hmm that really sucks that flying doesn't work with EE.

    My question is (taken from a non coder view point) why does the IC2 jetpack allow flight if EE supposedly stops all flight except EE flight and creative? Just curious because if IC2 gets around it with the jetpack then maybe there is some piece of code that it uses to over ride EE's NO FLY code that you can tie into. Would be amazing if it could get working with EE. until then I will just be using these items as armor and amazing power storage.

    So I have been trying to think of a way to zip from the bottom of my mine to the top quickly. I figured that a magnetizer would be perfect, however, my mine goes down almost 60 blocks, and the magnetizer can only do 20. I then found out that you can place one in the middle of the line of iron fences and it will server both 20 up and 20 down, but when trying to ride it up I get stuck on the magnetizer in the middle of the run. Is there any way around this? or is this a flaw in the magnetizer that has no fix as of now? Any ideas would be appreciated. :)

    Hello all im just stopping by to post a crash i get when ever i place the nuclear reactor containment core onto my nuclear chambers i get this recurring crash

    Heres my crash report

    Any ideas why this is crashing like this? Can anyone tell me what this code error is saying? :P Also if this is a commonly asked question or problem sorry about that didnt see this exact error any were and wanted to make sure and get it out there. Until i find a fix ill just stick with solar power, but i would like to get some nuclear power going soon and this mod would sure help out with that . Any way thx for any help in advance and as always keep up the awesome work :)