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    No joke.
    Ask for any sort of release date, regardless for which part of IC² and you will be outright banned. No exceptions (excluding members of the dev team who WILL ask for a release date just to annoy me).

    We will tell you when you got to exspect a release date. Or we won't, then you'll just have to wait.

    Simple as that.

    Wow.... You start something new, somehow thousands of gamers are attracted to the idea, then you post this snide shit against your own curious fans? Ban if you ask for an update... just repeat that in your head a few times and realize how immature that statement is. Patience is a virtue, that comes with maturity. You should be grateful for the fans you guys have, not annoyed and pretentious. How about making a post with a link to an update thread for those who are unaware, instead of threatening those who support your own cause.