Re: Asking for release dates = ban

  • Serious.
    No joke.
    Ask for any sort of release date, regardless for which part of IC² and you will be outright banned. No exceptions (excluding members of the dev team who WILL ask for a release date just to annoy me).

    We will tell you when you got to exspect a release date. Or we won't, then you'll just have to wait.

    Simple as that.

    Wow.... You start something new, somehow thousands of gamers are attracted to the idea, then you post this snide shit against your own curious fans? Ban if you ask for an update... just repeat that in your head a few times and realize how immature that statement is. Patience is a virtue, that comes with maturity. You should be grateful for the fans you guys have, not annoyed and pretentious. How about making a post with a link to an update thread for those who are unaware, instead of threatening those who support your own cause.

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    First, I would support a link to a relevant forum or post, I'm all for positive alternatives.

    Nearly all free Dev / mod items have this kind of rule. It's akin to celebrities not wanting constant pictures or your parents not wanting to hear "are we there yet?" Every 5 minutes. Like your parents, the devs can make such actions illegal and enforcible. Too bad for celebrities, I guess.

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    The whole approach was from a long time ago (that rule was invented in 2011), when IC2 had explicit versions that were released and would be determined to be stable and mostly bug free. As a result it took time to make releases, and it was hard to predict quite when it would all be ready. After a spate of people asking the rule was added to try stop people just constantly asking and drowning out actual useful conversations. It stepped beyond just curious shall we say. The interaction of how development was going wasn't great, Alblaka had a blog but not everyone realised, and it wasn't updated too often which didn't help.

    Now there's Jenkins so the waiting between fixes is much shorter (theoretically at least), and so it's not as much of an issue anymore. I've not seen someone banned for it in years. Development still isn't that well explained, but often that's just from the actual process being very sporadic and it slows the process down if time is spent explaining what you're doing rather than just working on getting a build for Jenkins that people can actually play with. Such is the nature of most Minecraft mods at least, it is a hobby at the end of the day which means it can be a bit rough around the edges.

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