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    those are all pretty good ideas. :thumbup: :Industrial Diamond:

    well the energy tap could take only a percentage of the energy flowing through it. it would be perfect for smp. houses closer to a power plant would be more expensive because they would get more energy.
    PS. have you ever seen one of those youtube videos where a wooden power pole burns because of electricity? that is what would happen to the charging bench. it's wood!

    Some few question:

    1. The energy tap accept up to how much EU/t? ULV? LV? or MV?
    2. What about Nano, Quantum, tools, batpack and lappack?
    3. Why the treetap in the recipie??? :huh:

    1. tier 1 energy tap can accept ULV and LV, tier 2, MV,tier 3,HV.
    2. nano and quantum armour could be charged in tier 2 or 3, the batpack, lappack, and EU powered tools could be charged in any tier energy tap
    3. because the treetap is a tap. (could be replaced by cable if the ic developers actually put the energy tap in minecraft)

    the energy tap can be used for a power collection point or a battery charging point for a cable. the energy tap is placed between two cables. ( like this: :Cable: :MFE-Transmitter: :Cable: ) when a battery is placed in the energy tap and a power source is connected to the cable, the energy tap will re-direct all energy flowing through the cable into the battery. the energy tap doesn't store energy, it just acts as an energy collection point for a solar flower or something. finally, there could also be upgraded energy taps that could charge a energy crystal.

    (where :Intergrated Plating: = empty space)

    :Tin Ingot: :Cable: :Tin Ingot:
    :Cable: :Intergrated Plating: :Cable:
    :Tin Ingot: :Treetap: :Tin Ingot:
    hope this is a good idea!

    i think that there should be a energy storage device that can emit micro voltage. there should also be a micro voltage power converter. but to make these, you would need tin plates. tin plates could be made by placing a tin ingot in the crafting table. this would make 2 tin plates.then you could craft a micro storage unit. it would hold around 500-1000 EU. you could also craft a energy tap. the energy tap would act like a cable, but you could place a RE battery in it and it would charge it. it does not store energy, it would just act as a energy collection point for solar farms so you could charge a battery. then you could make a tier 2 energy tap that can charge a energy crystal.

    i guess that the only way not to make a lightning rod overpowered is to make an expensive block attached to the lightning rod made to cope with the sudden extreme voltage.though the rarity of a lightning strike is high so you may aswell burn stuff in a genarator for power. :thumbup: i understand now.

    ok, i just made idea up when i saw how many steps there where to re enrich a uranium cell. besides, im like 11 and i only installed ic2 2 weeks ago and i don't really know much about the structure if ic2. ( like some stuff is meant to be very hard to get) sorry its not a very good idea. :(