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    256 long range? how to do that? is that default or is it config setting? ill check i guess. D: but anyway, this is a REALLY cool idea... the whole.. world destroyer with mining lasers. didnt know the lasers worked wit deployers... *evil grin*

    He meant 256 Mining Lasers set to the Long-Range mode.(1 Chunk = 16*16 blocks = 256)

    OT- Designing this thing is harder than i expected. :S

    I can't help but notice how many time the string "MJ" is repeated.
    Since MJ is Buildcraft's equivalent of EUs does this string refer to some sort of power convertion? :?:

    edit:Can't be possible to due to the rest of the string. :huh:

    EDIT2: Did you encrypt the string and then reshuffle its alphabet?

    Because then the string would start to make more sense....

    Damn it.
    I have spent 3 hours(now entering the fourth X( ) trying to decode the second string but so far I haven't succeeded in decoding it.

    Does anyone have any clue as to what is the encryption key of this one? :S

    No help on the unloader . ;(:(:(

    you will find the old EnergyNet.class files in the "API" and "COMMON" folders in the directory .minecraft/mods/"your ic2 jar name here"/ic2

    And in the download folder - Rocket Science v.89/ic2/ common, you will find the new files - replace the old energynet.class files with the new files.

    Sorry about the mistakes in my grammar - typed this really quick. :thumbup:

    Crash on placing ralcraft energy unloader :|:|:|

    Any help would be appreciated :) :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond:

    EDIT- Solved-turned out I had to replace the classes in TWO places :P:P:P

    EDIT2- The deformed steve texture is still there...
    I cant describe how hideous it feels to watch a steve land in your front yard and wipe out your CASUC....... MinecraftChar FTW!

    Cant place the Missile targeting or defense system.If I do so Minecraft crashes and renders the map unplayable(breaks the save) ;(;( MinecraftCreeper MinecraftCreeper :Nuke TNT:
    Did I do some thing wrong ? I did everything in the first post correctly as far as I remember....
    Will post the crash log in some time.

    P.S.-While the missile's coming down it looks like a ......... Deformed MinecraftChar texture......Scared me when I launched my first Nuclear missile...
    Is this intentional?

    EDIT- The error report for the crash occuring when the missie targeting system-

    EDIT2-Solved turned out I had to replace the Energynet.class files in TWO places.

    Minecraft is crashing on startup with Industrialcraft installed!!

    Error report-

    Any help appreciated. :D
    P.S.- If I broke any forum rules I'm sorry for that.