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    I have a question about Lapotronic Energy Orb Cluster. It has two similar but distinct recipes: the one using Circuit Assembler and the other one using Assembly Line. Is it intentional?

    The former uses more sapphires but less europium than the latter. For now I'm using the former recipe because sapphires are much cheaper than europium, but to me it looks kinda weird that the same item can be crafted with or without Assembly Line.

    I think I found a bug in Printer: while it is possible to manually place papers in its input slot, no pipes or vanilla hoppers can insert them for me. The machine just doesn't accept paper as a valid input.

    Also, I thought UV and ZPM batteries were uncraftable but I just found "B:EnableZPMandUVBatteries_false=false" in "OverpoweredStuff.cfg". Why are they disabled by default? I don't need them at the moment as I'm still in the IV age, but to me it makes no sense that just a battery is overpowered, unlike things like higher-tier Solar Panels that can actually generate huge amount of power with no running costs.

    Can I use "possible" for controlling a piston which shuts off burning box?

    There can be problems like not enough inputs, too full output slots. Will the state be "impossible" when there are such problems?

    The "possible" detector on a machine is lit when and only when it really makes sence to supply it with power. That is, when it either has all the valid items for a recipe in its input slots, its output slots aren't full of garbages, and is just waiting for power. Or when it is currently doing a recipe using power.

    The "running" detector on a burning box is lit when it is on fire. Your goal probably is to activate an automatic igniter when the machine is "possible" AND the burning box is NOT "running", and activate a piston to put off the fire when the machine is NOT "possible". Good luck designing your circuit. It isn't easy at first but is definitely doable quite compactly :D

    By the way, Greg. At first I thought that I could use the "Auto Redstone Machine Switch" to control my Matter Replicator so it replicates one and only one Iridium ingot when I give it a redstone pulse, no matter how much matter is in its input tank. But actually it doesn't work as I expected because when the machine finally finishes replicating the ingot, the cover doesn't detect that (because the machine is still in the "possible" state due to the excess matter input), and the machine returns to its long long, Long, SERIOUSLY LONG work for the next ingot to replicate. I guess I can use the "success" detector in combination with other kind of covers in this case but wasn't really sure if it was how it's supposed to work. Was it your intention?

    (I'm doing it with 4 amperes of HV lasers. No, I don't have enough power generation rate to do it with EV or even IV!)

    Cool thanks again for the response :)
    I figured that's how it worked I just wanted to double check.

    Also the only reason I disable that feature is because of the crazy vivid-color rock textures haha
    Not saying they're bad they just don't fit my taste
    I will be making variant textures myself so when I get them made I will post screenshots here! :D

    And then I will possibly go back to having the feature turned on :D

    When you're done with your texture pack please PLEASE share it with us, not only screenshots!

    Thank you for the info!
    I know I asked a similar question earlier in this thread but thank you for being awesome and helping out a noob like me :) haha

    EDIT: Now that i think of it I have one more question regarding bismuth actually.

    Does it spawn in mix veins or only in small ore generation?

    EDIT 2: I answered my own question by checking out the config file for world generation. Bismuth is not in any mix veins.

    No problem :D

    Bismuth only spawns as small ores AFAIK, so its main source is Russellite ores containing plenty of Bismuth as a byproduct.

    So the ore that is from other mods (like bismuth being from TFC)..

    Will that spawn even though i do not have TFC installed? And does it have a purpose within GT?

    Yes they spawn, and those materials have their own use in GT. You can make GT6 metal chests, storages, and early game tools out of Bismuth for instance.

    I made my first machines and ran into a problem. I can't create enough KU to power compressor or crusher, since steel steam engine outputs 16 KU/t, but they require 32. Stronger steam engine stuff requires dense steel plates which it seems I can't produce now. So how do I power machines using stuff that I have right now?

    I've been running boiler for a couple of minutes and steel engine with a compressor hooked up to it but nothing happens.

    There are two kinds of minimum energy requirement. The minimum for machines (e.g. crusher), and one for each recipe (e.g. cobblestone →[crusher]→ gravel). The former is shown in the tooltip of machines, and the latter is in NEI. And machines can only do the recipe if the energy input rate satisfies both of the requirements. IIRC bronze-tier KU machines require 16 KU/t at minimum, but many of the compressor recipes require much higher rate of KU. Note, however, that steam engines can accept steam at most twice of the rate their tooltip says, so if an engine says "Input: ~128 Steam/t, Output: ~32 KU/t" it can actually accept at most 256 L/t of steam and can emit up to 64 KU/t.

    (Greg, I found it terribly confusing at my early game. Will you consider rethinking of the notation? It is basically impossible to understand that "Output: ~x KU/t" actually means "Output: Min. x KU/t, Max. 2x KU/t" just by reading the tooltip.)

    KU is the most complicated energy type in GT6. One thing you should also be aware of, is that engines have speed. The more you give them steam, the faster they run, as long as you keep the steam input less than the maximum (i.e. twice the rate shown in the tooltip). The speed of engines greatly affects the speed of machines, so you should always use the lowest-tier (i.e. the fastest) engine that can do the recipe you want it to do.

    Is it just me or is getting only one arrow for each feather a royal PITA? Is there some better way of getting feathers that I don't know of? You have to breed and kill a LOT of chickens to get just a stack of feathers.

    #0. The IC2 way

    Obtain a seedbag of "eggplant" by crossbreeding, then mass-plant it. (Preferred!)

    #1. The vanilla way

    Build a classic AFK chicken cooker with a hopper, lava, slab, and a dispenser.

    That isn't quite accurate. While the JURI committee approved that shit, it won't be in effect unless the EU parliament says Yes. Dang, why do I have to worry about this fucking shit in spite of me being a Japanese and not an European by any fucking means????

    A redstone machine cover will not attach to an MV electric engine.

    You need an Universal Extender for that.

    But seriously, it is supposed to be a very black Material. Basalt is for the not-so-black-but-still-black variant.

    Hmm but if we had a better shader, Granite and dark void could easily be distinguished because the former would have a specular highlight (when the surrounding area isn't completely dark). How about tweaking the texture a bit so it isn't uniformly black? It is currently pretty bad from the game play standpoint.

    For instance, Sky Stone from AE2 is also supposed to be black, but it's not *uniformly* black so you can easily distinguish it from a pitch dark void.

    I had BoP installed at the time I tested those Hives. They do exist, and most of them are more in the ceiling than in the walls. Also their Color is very similar to Netherrack.

    I searched for hives again, looking closely at the ceiling this time, but had no luck spotting any of the hives there.

    Btw, why don't you add bedrock ores for Tungsten? Since the bedrock drill is an endgame thing, at the time when one can finally pay the cost for it, their storage is pretty much filled up with common materials such as copper, silver, nickel, and zinc so the drill isn't very attractive anymore. The only exception is the Bedrock Uranium ores which could possibly be used as an endgame infinite energy source though.

    No Biome related Code there, I check for Dimension ID in this case.

    1. switch (aDimType) {
    2. ...
    3. case DIM_NETHER:
    4. tY = 16+aRandom.nextInt(96);
    5. if (WD.block(aWorld, tX, tY, tZ) != Blocks.netherrack) return rResult;
    6. for (byte tSide : ALL_SIDES_VALID) if (WD.opq(aWorld, tX+OFFSETS_X[tSide], tY+OFFSETS_Y[tSide], tZ+OFFSETS_Z[tSide], F, T)) tCount++;
    7. return (tCount == 5 && placeHive(tRegistry, aWorld, tX, tY, tZ, 0xaa0000 , 300, aRandom)) || rResult;
    8. ...

    What you probably mean is the Biome Code that is used in case there is a Nether alike Biome in a Mystcraft Dimension. That has nothing to do with the vanilla Nether.

    Oh I see. So it should place hives as long as the randomly chosen block is a netherrack, and 5 of its sides are opaque. Hmm...

    Then it could possibly be that bumble hives placed by GT6 are overwritten by BoP, which isn't very likely because it doesn't do that for Overworld hives.

    So I guess what I'm asking is that with GT 6 am I still able to make intense setups and factory builds? Or is it more focused on early game in its current state?

    In my GT6 world I have a gigantic labyrinth of pipes and machines which processes ores in a fucking so complicated way. You can definitely enjoy factory builds with it.

    Also, for most things you need to do by hand at the early game, there are several ways to automate them later. Automation setups are usually highly involved, cost so much material, but are fun to build.