[GregTech-5][1.7.10-FORGE-1355+][Unofficial but approved Port][Stable] Even GT5 Experimental is slowly getting stable.

  • I have a question about oil drilling: is it supposed to start at the same rate in all chunks of each 6x6 chunk "oil source" area? https://ftb.gamepedia.com/Oil_Drilling_Rig#Usage makes it seem like that's the intended behavior, but with an oil drilling rig centered at x=69 z=2, I got light oil at 19 L/cycle, then I rebuilt it at x=55 z=2, I got light oil at 13 L/cycle. However, I don't know whether I'm misinterpreting the wiki, the wiki is out of date, or if that's a bug.

  • Blood Asp, please consider releasing the next version.

    I found a bug where basic circuits can't be piped in assemblers, but it appears the bug has already been fixed in Git HEAD, right?

    It seems to have awesome new machines and logic gates too. I want to use them!

  • I have a question about Lapotronic Energy Orb Cluster. It has two similar but distinct recipes: the one using Circuit Assembler and the other one using Assembly Line. Is it intentional?

    The former uses more sapphires but less europium than the latter. For now I'm using the former recipe because sapphires are much cheaper than europium, but to me it looks kinda weird that the same item can be crafted with or without Assembly Line.

  • Hello again, just quick question - each time launching my 1.7.10 (with GT5U 5.09.31) minecraft is registering all materials is some point of loading. It take some time regarldess of strong procesor and nearly top-tier SSD and I wonder why it happens every time. It cannot be registered once then saved to config file and next time just checks if mods has changed to re-register materials if necesary?

  • Could anybody tell me dose the Modular Nanosuit Armor do anything different with what the Modular Exoskeleton Armor dose in 1.7.10 ?(all I know is just the two have different durabilities.is there any difference else?):?::)