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    Wow, I am slow.

    So thank you for your support.

    I figured it out by comparing all formulas. The wiki is missing equations for dual and quad, but MauveCloud application source code freaking just kicked in my mind. I don't know why it did not make sense but his math is simple.

    Single uranium cell

    1. int pulses = countNeutronNeighbors() + 1;
    2. int heat = 2 * pulses * (pulses + 1);

    Duo uranium cell

    1. int pulses = countNeutronNeighbors() + 2;
    2. int heat = 4 * pulses * (pulses + 1);

    And quad

    1. int pulses = countNeutronNeighbors() + 3;
    2. int heat = 8 * pulses * (pulses + 1);

    I guess my issue is not understanding why he used 2 for single as a base rather then 4 when they say one uranium cell produces 4 on its own. Now doing the single cell math i get that it adds up. I wanted to write a topic after figuring this out, but now i feel like its litterally right under everyonce nose.

    Maybe I should since other tutorials seam to miss the basic stuff, and just blabber their detailed theory with no background ro sufficient background.

    i feel like a slow learner, just difficult to make sense of all these numbers.

    maybe this can help me, how does this from the planner code source apply to the calculation you taught me for a single uranium rod

    1. int pulses = countNeutronNeighbors() + 1;
    2. int heat = 2 * pulses * (pulses + 1);

    Ah I see, so a vent is essential for heat unit production. And all vents are qualified for heat unit production I assume. essentially its ok to remove heat as long it is by a vent then. Is ic2 open source? if it is it probably gonna blow my mind to point ill never want to read code again but it could be helpful.

    So essentially this doesnt effect the heat unit production:


    The Heat Vent removes heat from the Grid Nuclear Reactor.png Nuclear Reactor and Grid Reactor Pressure Vessel.png Pressure Vessel Reactor. It can also be crafted into other types of heat vents.

    So venting of any kind is just to make sure the reactor runs smoothly.

    I noticed that if you don't have any vents heat units will not generate, i have not noticed any change using component heat vent or tested reactor heat vent or over-clocked.

    My concern is that if i use those hu will not produce because of descriptions like this:


    The Overclocked Heat Vent removes heat from itself and from the reactor hull.


    Middle pulses itself, left then right => (1 + 2 + 3) * 4 = 24 Heat

    I just dont understand why 2 and 3, would they not be both 3 for 3 pulses each for neighbors?

    Ok maybe a pulse is like amount of hops between cells like connecting to a site or another computer on a local network, requires hops on the network to get to destination device?

    Thank you Chocohead,

    Is there anyways you could help me figure this out a bit more?

    So is it actually normal to damage vents in a fluid reactor, or am i supposed to have the an eu reactor then the fluid reactor combination to use that vent.

    And if not is there a way not to damage the vents, or even what are best vents to use for fluid reactors?

    Based on my research i think that using heat vents and advanced heat vents along with heat exchanger advanced exchanger and component exchangers that are used to output hu.

    I am trying to make save 200hu fluid reactor that i could leave with pulsed cycles to get me some plutonium.

    Hey thank for the reply, one thing that confuses me is yea when it comes to siding.

    For your responce of heat dispersement so far all my heat value i believe are even.

    I also read this and having a hard time understanding

    The heat generated by each pulse is, for unknown, quantum-physic-based (balance) reasons, dependant on the amount of coolant elements surrounding the Uranium Cell:

    4 (fully surrounded): 1 heat @ each element

    3 : 2 heat @ each Element

    2 : 4 heat @ each Element

    ok now practical math, this is based of a planner on my phone

    3 uranium single sells side by side in a row is said to be only 36 heat.

    i found a calculation from your code about one single uranium heat based of neighbors and it said the 2 uranium cells on the outside should generate 12 heat, while the one in the middle should generate 36 heat totaling 50 heat.

    what am i doing wrong.

    Hey MauveCloud,

    I am having trouble understanding some of the nuclear design math, been research your code and its somewhat helpful yet there is lots of stuff where i don't understand where to look. Can you please take a look at my topic and help me with some of the math?

    Nuclear Math Questions

    I like your planner, but its not displaying enough information for me to understand what I should place.

    I also know a java, and maybe if i could figure out the math and how you set up your code I can make a feature for your planner that helps people like me with the greater details. Like adding more info on highlighted components.

    Not sure if this has been asked but I am wondering what are people using to automate pulse cycles like using timing seconds for specific temperature based on the ic2 reactor planner or their own calculation and the cool down times for ftb mod blocks like project red timers along with other blocks and rednet controllers or even plain mc redstone circuits and how?

    I am trying to figure out what I should be using for a cheap setup. I do have a rednet controller but I think this can be easily done with project red. Just no idea where to start.

    I assume based on some random stuff I read a state cell required, not sure how yet. Then a timer for a state that activates reactor and then when timer reaches end send a redstone pulse to reactor to deactivate and to the state cell to move to a second state for cool down. Second state does another timer and does the exact same to reactivate and send redstone signal to state cell to reset. May need 3+ project red blocks for this.

    But am I on the right track, is this possible?

    Hi Guys, I am just doing some planning internal designs for my fluid reactor, and having hard time to find raw math of how each component works and how exactly it all works. What I found during my research so far is this.

    • Pulse count: single = 1, double = 2, quad = 3 1 head = 40 hu

    • single cell no adjacent heat calculation = 4 initial heat * 3 for triangular * pulse count total

    • heat calculation for all cells that are together = 3 for triangle * (pulse count + number of adjacent fuel or reflector)* 4 initial heat * (cell value like single:1, double: 2, quad:4))* cell count

    • total heat calculation for one single uranium cell adjacent to other reflective components = 3 for triangle * (pulse count + amount of reflective components adjacent) * 4 initial heat * cell value
      ok i read MauveClouds planner code and understood this gist
      int pulses = countNeutronNeighbors() + 1;
      int heat = 2 * pulses * (pulses + 1);

    heat dispersement per absorbing component adjacent to fuel

    • x4 = cell heat/4
    • x3 = cell heat/2
    • x2 = cell heat

    also somewhere I read that one single plutonium cell supposed to be 4 heat but based on this calculation its 12 heat. What am I missing, would be nice if someone could provide all the math for the internal portion of nuclear reactor