Reactor Calculations?

  • Hi Guys, I am just doing some planning internal designs for my fluid reactor, and having hard time to find raw math of how each component works and how exactly it all works. What I found during my research so far is this.

    • Pulse count: single = 1, double = 2, quad = 3 1 head = 40 hu

    • single cell no adjacent heat calculation = 4 initial heat * 3 for triangular * pulse count total

    • heat calculation for all cells that are together = 3 for triangle * (pulse count + number of adjacent fuel or reflector)* 4 initial heat * (cell value like single:1, double: 2, quad:4))* cell count

    • total heat calculation for one single uranium cell adjacent to other reflective components = 3 for triangle * (pulse count + amount of reflective components adjacent) * 4 initial heat * cell value
      ok i read MauveClouds planner code and understood this gist
      int pulses = countNeutronNeighbors() + 1;
      int heat = 2 * pulses * (pulses + 1);

    heat dispersement per absorbing component adjacent to fuel

    • x4 = cell heat/4
    • x3 = cell heat/2
    • x2 = cell heat

    also somewhere I read that one single plutonium cell supposed to be 4 heat but based on this calculation its 12 heat. What am I missing, would be nice if someone could provide all the math for the internal portion of nuclear reactor

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  • still not so sure about the heat consumer devision by side

    That's an interesting point.

    Each heat distributor (rod or switch) is looking for heat acceptors near it.

    Then it tries to distribute excessive heat it has EQUALLY between them.

    Look into ic2/core/item/reactor/ItemReactorHeatSwitch.class for details.