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    Clutter is clutter, even with infinite space. I understand wanting people to work for their diamonds, but more work isn't automatically "more rewarding". I do wonder if this would be troublesome to code though, what with saplings making 2 plantclumps and much the same situation for metal blocks. If it's more trouble than it's worth... oh well. Only a suggestion.

    I've gathered that we don't like having recipes with exactly one purpose. Especially when it's an intermediate step, not even an end product.

    We ought to remove several items: Metal Block, Plantclump, Coal Ball, Coal Chunk.

    Instead of crafting these items on a table, then placing them in the Compressor, we could give the machine a crafting grid. It would either appear by default or, to keep the appearance simple, there could be an "expand view" button (or somesuch) to make the grid appear. The items would be placed in the compression grid exactly as through crafting them on a table, except that they would be immediately compressed.

    By this method, making biofuel cells or compressing diamonds would be a bit less tedious. Additionally, we would clear out a little clutter involved in having multiple single-purpose items.

    I'm late to the party, but I was thinking about this a little. So the idea is generate power while assaulting another universe as a necessary side-effect... like the Nether? The logical backlash is that ghasts, blazes, and zombie pigman armies start spawning rapidly in order to prevent their wholesale annihilation. It seems intimidating at first, but I imagine a clever player would have a grinder prepared and sit back to enjoy a pork chop dinner. With no drawback in sight, it just gets ridiculous.

    The names of these items are incredibly vague to the point of being essentially meaningless.
    Mass Fabricator = it makes... stuff
    Matter = it is... stuff

    Rename the two items as follows.
    Mass Fabricator -> Nanoforge
    Matter -> Nanites
    Of course, if we want to tend away from directly ripping off Red Faction, then other names can sure work as well (do suggest).

    Insted of saying that the Mass Fabricator makes "Matter" -- some mysterious something that does mysterious somestuff to make awesomethings -- we can say that the Nanoforge makes Nanites. These are, of course, prototypical advanced micro-scale machines that can do damn near anything. No one really knows how, it's like industrial magic. So it's still mysterious, but it's not ultra vague.