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    Hey, pretty much the same Mods I used for my "Industrial Revolution".
    Except I used the TF2 Teleporter as well to travel faster and stopped after 46 episodes or so because 1.8 was out.

    But yeah I got a hint for you from YouTuber to YouTuber:
    Your voice compared to the Minecraft Sounds is too quiet and since it looks like you used Fraps to record the footage, you don't have 2 audio channels.
    So you might want to make a sound check every now and then. Not only does it net you more subscribers, it also makes people want to watch your videos more.
    Other than that it's interesting to watch, your english is fine, the microphone seems good and you're 29, so no kids voice = good as well.


    Don't worry about missing items or not playing perfect. Sure there'll be some comments like "OMGZ!111u suckz!" due to minor mistakes you make...
    But the other 99% will enjoy the videos even more due to non-perfection.
    Heck, I made a somewhat blind Let's Play of IC² and connected a 128EU/s output to a macerator and blew up the side of my house. That video got over 100 more likes and like an extra 10.000 views now ^^

    Left Slot:

    • Regular Drill: Average Speed
    • Diamond Drill: Fast Speed

    Middle Slot:

    • Mining Pipes: The Miner will use those to mine down
    • Any other material and no drill inserted will result in the Miner filling the hole with the material you put in

    Lower Slot:

    • A form of energy you can provide, if the source is not external.

    Right Slot:

    • Nothing: The Miner will mine straight down
    • OD (Ore Density) Card: The Miner will grab all the ore in a 5x5 Area while mining down
    • OV (Ore Value) Card: The Miner will grab all the ore in a 9x9 Area while mining down

    To state this officially:

    IC² will be updated to 1.8 after all of these requirements are met:
    - The MCvanilla release is stable and free of severe bugs
    - MCP, ModLoader, ModLoaderMP, MCForge are all updated and stable

    yeah I talked with Spacetoad about BC and Forge already, as I'm trying to adapt the Forge as well (as well as my need for BC as a prequisite for the Let's Play / Oil)

    Here is a world save of a working lava miner and everything you would need hope it helps:

    I'll try that...because so far my things don't work, even following the picture I just saw

    Okay it works, but I still don't get it why mine isn't working properly. Looks like the miner really has to get deep into the lava to grab it. It went down 4 before it started getting some of the Lava.

    I think I figured out how the pump works, yet I don't know why you need 2. Oh well, no biggie, it's still kind of a cool tool to have


    I know there are several Pump threads already but they're all about people working with them.
    So my question is: How exactly do I get that darn thing to work?

    So far I've tried the following:

    Setup 1:

    - Powering it with a constant heat from a geothermal generator
    - Placing a chest next to it with buckets, then again with a chest of cells
    - Placing it near a steady supply of water, the front facing a water block
    - Putting it fully in water


    Setup 2:

    This one, I've read in the forum, so I tried it

    - Setting a Miner with a chest next to it
    - Setting a Geothermal Generator powering the Miner as well as the pump
    - The Miner had a 9x9 range with the OV Scanner, I knew below me was lava
    - Setting the Pump as well as a chest with buckets or cells next to it


    Once again nothing happened, no buckets of Lava, no buckets of Water, nothing.
    I'm really frustrated as I don't know if I'm doing something horribly wrong or not.
    I even tried a fresh install with just IC² running. The Miner does not go for the Lava , transfering it to the pump which transfers it to buckets...
    And the pump on its own does not get any water.

    I've seen a video of it working tho'...
    So yeah, my question is: What am I doing wrong?


    Why do you want Alblaka to basically duplicate the features of Buildcraft? They are already compatible with each other as-is.

    I don't see an assembly line in BuildCraft, neither conveyor belts.
    Industrial Craft is about machines that (most of the time) kind of exist in real life, so why not add assembly lines, conveyor belts and sorting machines?
    Aren't Miners featured in BuildCraft as well? Aren't Miners with a OD card like little quarries? Aren't Miners with a OV card like bigger quarries?

    Surely, you make no sense here. Yes they're compatible, but so is the Timber Mod => Chainsaw, Drill Mod => Drill, JetPack0.3 => JetPack and many, many others.

    It's kind of sad to have a good suggestion and instantly a forum troll *sigh*
    If that wasn't trolling then I feel pitty. *checks if there's an ignore function as well*


    first of all, I'm a huge fan of IC² and I'm sad that I've discovered it that late.
    Yet there's something bugging me. You know how there are several industrial machines out there (in real life) that just blow your mind and make processing stuff easy? Well in IC you have to get BuildCraft to do so but how about the following:

    Assembly Line


    This is a little Macerator and it's great the way it is right now. But wouldn't it be great if I put an Iron Furnace adjacent to it and the Macerator would try to put its content into the Furnace by itself?

    So, the setup could look like this:

    [M] [IF] [M]

    C of course beeing a chest.
    So this way the Macerators would put their stuff into the Furnace (if it's the same material). And the Furnace would put its stuff into the Chest once it's finished.


    Conveyor Belts.
    Once again getting your own transportation system would be great. A conveyor belt could work like the pipes in BuildCraft, that's all.


    Sorting Machine

    Once again, getting away from BuildCraft a bit (Diamond Pipes), it would be great having a machine that has 1 input and 3 outputs (horizontal).
    The input gets items and the machine would take the part of sorting the items for you and sending them on further conveyor belts or into chests.


    Thank you for reading and with best regards,