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    First, thank you for developing this mod, while it's working, it's been a great help making the game run smoothly.

    However, I'm getting a repeated crash all of a sudden, and I don't get why. I first added this on 5-3 and it ran flawlessly until 5-9. There was lag on the server a friend runs and he installed Opis and Mobius Core (to run Opis) and updated the server firmware trying to solve the problem. Not sure if it did anything... but later that same night, I had my first crash. Then it was okay for a few more days before crashing again. Since then, it started crashing every few days and now it's doing it many times a day.

    Today, I had the owner check when Opis was installed and found the dat the same day I started crashing, so he removed Opis and Mobius Core... but i'm still having crashes! "java.util.ConcurrentModificationException" errors. Almost all the crash reports are the same... This last crash, I even tried to turn off the culling tweaks.... run for awhile and still crashed.

    Do you think you could help fix whatever is happening here? Please... I really need fastcraft or the gameplay is fairly jittery on the server, even on my modern core i7 laptop. This crash happens at random, but there's 2 places in the world where it's happened a lot more. At one point, I was stuck in an infinite crash loop, crashing as soon as I logged on.

    I have the latest Java and Windows 10, and it happens no matter what settings I set through the technic launcher. the server has 147 mods with 143 loaded.

    I hope you're still around

    Here's the specific lines the log states at the top... I attached the full crash report below.