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    Using a reactor planner is the best way to plan designs, doing it in game is certainly a very slow method in comparison. The actual design process can be assisted from understanding what the components are doing, but fundamentally it's just playing about with putting components in different places and seeing what can come from it. Quad rods are the equivalent of having 4 normal rods all touching, so in comparison make the process harder from effectively having multiple heat emitting components in a single space. Designing reactors that use them isn't especially difficult once you've played about a bit, the trick is trying to get the maximum efficiency you can from them.

    Ok, thank you, I’ve been messing with reactors ingame, do I will use the planner.

    And if they added this, the wires should be able to burn a player or entity that touches them after a wile ( depending on wire resistance and voltage passing), and if they added that they should make it so if there is a one block gap in wire, and it is a higher teir voltage, the current arcs, damaging you if you go Between it, and making a low amount of light (like how a arc in in real life electric circuit) and with these, technically there are uses for them (again, like real life)

    Ok so i looked on the wiki, and it takes 1 000 000 eu (without scrap) to generate 1 milibucket, so white a standard reactor , you would produce 163.84 milibuckets (at maximum efficiency) and one quad rod takes 98.7 milibuckets to produce, so that would not work, so a fluid reactor would be required. I have been messing with fluid reactors trying to get a decent efficiency not just for creating more rods, but just for decent eu production. I find them rather challenging. I can get at most 3 quad rods touching. ( it wasn’t entirely my design, I took one that made it through a large portion of a cycle, messed with it, then got it to go a full cycle before cooling). How do people learn how to create designs, is it just trial and error for hours till they get it done right, or is there some thing I can practice to understand how it will function and be able to build decent designs that don’t melt down in the first 15 minutes, of course with more than 3 rods touching, or 3 touching then another 3 or 2 touching. How challenging are quad rods to use, is it something only someone with years of experience normally attempts (and I’m just trying something I’m not ready for) or is it possible considering I’ve been fiddling with reactors for a month or two. (And thanks for your help so far)

    I’ve been messing with nuclear reactors some, and I’ve been looking for a design efficient enough to dupe fuel rods with uu-matter. I haven’t found one yet, how hard is it. Is it just a myth or are there ones that efficient (preferably mark 1 but if you can use Redstone timing then other ones too). And if so is there anything I should know (I don’t need a design it would help but I could also use minimum how many adjacent quad rods). Also, is it possible to use a fluid reactor, or would it require too complicated cooling and turbine setups.