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    Damn... looks like making nano armor now needs this nanoscale fabricator, which didn't seem like a big deal until i noticed it requires Krypton and Xenon, and the only way to get those is from The End. In all my years playing minecraft I've never actually gone there. I believe once you do, the only way back home is by killing the dragon right? Which is exactly the kind of thing you need nano armor for. Catch-22 anyone?

    A bow with plenty of arrows and a iron armor is all you need to kill the dragon. You could also make a IC2 jetpack if you can't hit the crystals. Just be careful, when you hit them, they explode hard and can easily kill you. You can also install the GT6 weapon mod and kill the dragon with guns, which makes everything alot easier. Nano armor is already OP, it makes sense to put it middle-end game.

    Shouldn't Hydrochloric acid production work with Air instead of only Oxygen when mixing Saltwater, Salt, Sulfur Dioxide? Usually when i need oxygen somewhere, i just dump Air from vents(e.g Roaster), i just finished my basic infrastructure(tanks, pipes & etc) just to find out that i need to somehow produce Oxygen separately instead of just dumping Air. The alternative is to just use Sulfuric acid, but that means another Invar Tank to store the Sulfur Trioxide and one stainless steel one to store the Sulfuric Acid >.>

    Greg, is it cheaty to smelt Calcite in crucible, dump it in bathing pot table, pick it up with a ceramic jug and then put the calcite in Burner Mixer with Chlorine, Rutile dust and coal coke dust to get easy Titanium Tetrachloride > pure titanium, thus, skipping the Smelter?

    Hi Greg, i have a few suggestions:

    1. To be able to disassemble machines instead of shredding them.

    2. Adding the Sabatier or Fischer-Tropsch reaction for Methane production, dumping all the useless carbon dioxide/monoxide and hydrogen to make sweet methan :3

    3. Removing/Disabling the unused recipes until a proper use for them is needed(e.g. stone screws).

    4. Some sort of backpacks or toolboxes, way too many tools for such a small inventory.

    5. Logic gates like in Red Power or Project Red, it's hard to automate complex crucible recipes without logic gates(don't mind me sitting 30 minutes smelting stainless steel). I wouldn't mind having them require power :)

    6. Adding some of the IC2 stuff like wind and water mills and a crop system to finally dump IC2 too. Crossing fingers for Nuclear reactors hehe.

    7. It would be lovely to combine metals in the Smelter, that would make Logic gate semi-unneeded.

    Keep up the good work, i already removed Forestry, Minefactory reloaded(Although i miss the auto farms, guess i'll have to work with the IC2 crops) and Buildcraft(Greg pipes are far superior than Buildcraft ones).

    Btw, is there a way to distribute items evenly from single input to several outputs? i have a charcoal factory which is connected via brass pipe to several barrels which have hoppers below them, but all the charcoal goes to the first barrel. I think there was a pipe called Distribution transport pipe from Addtional BC pipes mod. Is there a way to do this with GregTech?

    Ah, thanks for the info, still learning :) it's a bit different from regular IC2 power. Btw, just saw you added Titanium-gold, awesome! :D

    1. What is the issue with cable Loss in this case?

    2. NOPE NOPE NOPE I am not gonna do that kinda Rendering!

    3. Interesting Alloy, though that Wikipedia Page is a bit small.

    Well, im currently at tier1 electric age, unless i put a battery box with 2 lead batteries next to my motor that runs the buzzsaw, i can't cut anything with it, cause the eu/t loss is too big. And if i use a transformer to make my power from to 32 to 128 and then put another transformer next to my motor to make it 128 to 32, the motor just can't start or if it starts, it starts and then immediately stops and the game starts lagging alot. I guess the transformer pumps out 32 eu/t at 4 amps which the motor can't handle.

    Few more suggestions:

    1. Voltage regulator/stabilizer, or in this case - EU regulator/stabilizers. A Cheaper alternative to battery box for delivering exact EU/t. Battery box currently do this job, but are a bit too expensive to make for just one machine, also, need at least 2 batteries to run the bugger. Monkey wrenchable to set Amps(I reeeeally need this haha). Damn cables and their eu/t losses.

    2. Immersive engineering type of cables, they look damn cool instead of the pipe looking cables we have for almost a decade now.

    3. Titanium-gold alloy, 4 times stronger than Titanium.


    Games crashes when using a Railcraft crowbar on a 2x tin cable with a Cover controller on it. GT Crowbar works just fine. Not a big deal, but, Railcraft crowbars are pretty much free from villages ;)

    From log:

    Haven't tested this with other covers/wires.

    GT Version: 6.09.03 (was using 6.07.15). Updated to see if the problem persists.

    Railcraft version:

    Amazing! GT has become a modpack itself. Keep up the great work Greg, i'll be playing GT for years :)

    Probably already been posted, but here are some stuff i would like to see someday :)

    1. GregTech Quarry. The only thing that still keeps me using Buildcraft along with QuarryPlus. Every time i make a quarry with GT installed, it's kinda cheaty(cheap recipe, but still better than CC Turtles).

    2. Logic gates, timers, block placers & etc. Red Power 2, ProjectRed & BluePower.

    3. GregTech fission reactors(maybe fusion too? :) ).

    4. RF batteries.

    5. Transparent tanks and pipes(Railcraft tanks, Thermal Expansion liquiducts).

    6. More weapons.

    Ok, im about to get my Distillery running soon and looking forward to electricity. How do you get that Long Magnetic Iron Rod to make a dynamo that is ran by a Steam turbine if you need electricity to run a polarizer? am i missing something? do i need to use IC2 for my first electricity?

    Using GT6 6.07.15

    Uhh, nvm, found it... rod + 4 redstone dusts... :)