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    Games crashes when using a Railcraft crowbar on a 2x tin cable with a Cover controller on it. GT Crowbar works just fine. Not a big deal, but, Railcraft crowbars are pretty much free from villages ;)

    From log:

    Haven't tested this with other covers/wires.

    GT Version: 6.09.03 (was using 6.07.15). Updated to see if the problem persists.

    Railcraft version:

    Amazing! GT has become a modpack itself. Keep up the great work Greg, i'll be playing GT for years :)

    Probably already been posted, but here are some stuff i would like to see someday :)

    1. GregTech Quarry. The only thing that still keeps me using Buildcraft along with QuarryPlus. Every time i make a quarry with GT installed, it's kinda cheaty(cheap recipe, but still better than CC Turtles).

    2. Logic gates, timers, block placers & etc. Red Power 2, ProjectRed & BluePower.

    3. GregTech fission reactors(maybe fusion too? :) ).

    4. RF batteries.

    5. Transparent tanks and pipes(Railcraft tanks, Thermal Expansion liquiducts).

    6. More weapons.

    Ok, im about to get my Distillery running soon and looking forward to electricity. How do you get that Long Magnetic Iron Rod to make a dynamo that is ran by a Steam turbine if you need electricity to run a polarizer? am i missing something? do i need to use IC2 for my first electricity?

    Using GT6 6.07.15

    Uhh, nvm, found it... rod + 4 redstone dusts... :)