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    Thanks for the updated textures for 1.22. However, there are a couple of problems with them

    1) The electronic wrench has a new texture which isn't in the pack (new one is better sorry)
    2) The scaffolding space is filled in white, not transparent

    I know they are only minor bugs, but it would look better if they were fixed ;)

    I was wondering, if there a way to make custom recipes for IC2, using item and block IDs, and using the IC2 machines.

    I would like to make some custom recipes using the compressor. Is it something the dev team would consider adding? Or is there a way to do this already? :)

    I have zombe's modpack installed, and I would like to use the Compressed Plant Ball in a custom smelting recipe. For that however, I need to know the actual item names as they are defined in the game, not just Compressed Plants.

    Does anyone know where I can find an actual list of item names that will work with a custom recipe mod?

    Also, when using a simpler custom recipe, I'm unable to smelt my custom recipe in any of the IC2 furnaces. Is this a zombe mod issue, or an IC2 issue?

    Ok I asked Elo about it and it seems the problem is the powerlevel needed for the effect.
    I guess if the storages would be changed to work with indirect powering (I guess that's the same as running redstone over a block next to it) it would work with just connected RP wire too.
    She mentioned that it now only reacts to strong power (I guess even a direct connected RP wire gives less) but what that means does only one know that modded with redstone so I don't XD

    Didn't realise it was you. Was coming here to post the question and answer that Elo posted:


    Well I think there's a slight weird problem with RP wires in IC2 v1. The thing is that you can power a energystorage to prevent it from distributing it's energy.

    A RP wire on that block does what it should. The weird thing is that RP wires connect to said block but then it doesn't work.

    So any idea how that can happen?
    You mentioned an rs flag somewhat earlier when someone said jacketed wires won't connect to BTW's light blocks but I guess since it connects that's not the issue in this case, I guess?


    Yep, that just means that the energy storage unit only turns off when it receives strong power, despite setting the connection flag. Nothing I can do, that problem is on the IC² side.

    RedPower is a lot pickier about these things than regular redstone, so it's easier to see when they don't quite work right with RP wires.

    Certainly some better ideas than mine here :)

    Maybe the one about charcoal dust to coal dust, and then compressing it.

    Certainly, something that complex could avoid diamond growing. I didn't propose the idea to make diamond growing easier. But more to allow for coal to be used as both a fuel, and have enough to create diamonds and armor. All of these things need the coal dust at the end of the day. And it's logical to create coal from plants/trees at the end of the day.

    Probably someone who has played IC for longer can think of a more balanced proposal that Alblaka might consider without it being too overpowered and encourage diamond growing.

    Not true. Better than wolves has the same problem. It's an optifine compatibility problem, so you should go bug them into using the forge platform. ;)

    OptiFine is moving to being Forge compatible, but as far as I know, the Forge team need to work in a fix so that OptiFine can work (since they both edit an important file, which is what causes the issues).

    BuildCraft is also affected by weird textures. Better to wait until the Forge team and the OptiFine dev get them working together properly ;)

    I was also thinking, coal is useful for the carbon recipes.

    But if it's considered to be too overpowered compressing plant matter further into coal, then maybe it's a bad idea. Maybe plant matter could be compressed into carbon, giving more carbon for items.

    I haven't played IC for long, so I don't know as much about balance as a lot of you.

    Personally I think that this is a feature which forces you to consider your coal use: you have a choice use coal as a cheap energy resource or save it for other things
    and as to diamonds... I have an automated reeds farm with pistons which provides >32 reeds every ~ 3 minutes Not to mention the really easy to set up massive cactus farm
    Case closed. it would eventually be immensely imbalanced to grow diamonds

    Hmm, I suppose you make a good point regarding it becoming too overpowered regarding diamond production.

    What do you use the reeds and cactus for? Sorry, quite new to IC

    Create coal from compressed plantclumps

    I was thinking, is it possible to maybe create a recipe to create coal from compressing Compressed Plantclumps?

    Coal is a useful fuel resource, but I was thinking of a way to make it, without it being too overpowered and unbalanced. I don't think it would be too overpowered for diamonds either, since it takes a decent amount of saplings and resources to be able to create a compressor?

    If you think this is unbalanced, maybe someone can suggest some tweaks to make it more balanced. I know you don't exactly want people "growing" diamonds as it were. I just thought using Compressed plantballs was reasonably logical, as that's what coal is ;)

    Compressing a compressed plantclump would create one coal

    Hey, I had this issue also and just finished trouble shooting it. If you install ScotTools after you install Minecraft Forge, it replaces Minecraft Forge's dq.class file. Not sure what changed from .9 to 1.0 but in order to fix the bug you will have to grab the dq.class from Minecraft Forge and place it in your minecraft.jar.

    Thanks for this mate. I will try it and see if it works :)

    I installed IC2 on a clean minecraft.jar with ScotTools today.

    The beta 0.9 worked perfectly with it. The error I am getting is as follows: