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    There is no "pure" iron ore (anymore).
    With GT6, getting iron is quite difficult. You first need copper, set up a crucible and there process banded iron ore or limonite ore into iron.

    that's cool, and good to know after I spent an hour digging through every page of GT in NEI to see all the massive lists of materials.
    I kind of like GT6, but I didn't read the changelog before I installed it, so while I installed it expecting "build massive fusion reactors" I got a slightly more tech-version of TFC.

    gonna see if the last GT5 is what I want, I guess.

    I went back like 30 pages and couldn't find the post where that guy was asking for permission to include GT6 in his TFC pack. Can someone refer me to his site or the post?

    I've been playing around with adding GT 4 to a TFC pack (1.6.4), it's actually not bad.

    The charcoal process really holds you up for a long time at the beginning of, well, anything GT.

    Because IC2 EXP branch isn't grindy enough, you know, with iridium only being obtainable through dungeon chests, or glass fibre cable now taking what, 4 diamonds per batch?

    I agree, some of the stuff from the 1.4.7 branch should not have been removed, but "grindy" is not exactly the order of the day, even with the default config settings.

    iamamitten : GT and TiC have (very deliberately) had 0 interactions for several months. Was GT the only mod you updated today? And are you sure it isn't just a Smeltery rendering bug? Because I used to see those a lot back when I used TiC.

    It's not a render bug, I sat here for 20 minutes and the progress bar in the GUI was doing nothing, and it never did melt down after it ran through 48 buckets worth of lava.

    I also added Agriculture and Mekanism, and updated Backpacks, buildcraft, Dartcraft, EnderIO, Extra Utilities, IC2, Magical Crops, and Railcraft.

    I hope, I sincerely hope, this is just something I've done wrong, so I'm going to pull mods one by one and see what happens to my smeltery.

    UPDATE: I'm sorry to report that when I removed gregtech, my smeltery was returned to functional.

    I know, that's why I went through twenty stacks. Now I went through another thirty, making them fifty stacks of copper and I got a stack+35 of byproduct. Also, using a universal macerator as a control, since we know for a fact it has a 10% chance, I got exactly 5 stacks of byproduct from 50 stacks of ore. That's 3200 ores blocks, a significant sample size. The disparity if too damn large.

    Heck, I went through 100 stacks, a sample of 6400 and ended up with three stacks+31 byproduct. That's ~3.5%. We can get all statistics up in here, but long story short, the chance for byproduct is definitely less than 10%.

    the chance is a flat chance, per operation, not "for every 100, you will get x extra"

    So, today, I updated my gregtech from 4.07c to 4.08b and now my tcon smeltery consumes all of its lava without actually melting anything down

    I can understand if, maybe, it was ORES or DUSTS that were being prevented from melting

    but EXISTING ALUMINUM BRASS ingots and blocks are being prevented from melting

    if this isn't gregtech, point me to the mod that's causing it, please

    with AdvancedReactors-1.5.2_alpha8.jar I get a sound crash every time a reactor finishes its life cycle

    Note that this does not cover the infrastructure required to run a reactor... I'll get to that next because it's a lot more complicated. (Unless SpwnX or SirusKing ninja's me and posts their own stuff, which is very probable considering they probably know what they're doing better than I do xD )

    YOU are awesome, thank you. I tried building it to match the control block's infuriating little diagram, with injectors and extractors all over the damn thing, and when I finished, I just said "fuck this" and started asking around for the help.

    Pointers on the infrastructure would really help, too