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    with AdvancedReactors-1.5.2_alpha8.jar I get a sound crash every time a reactor finishes its life cycle

    Yes, the only incompatibility is that EE blocks the GraviChestPlate's ability to fly. Everything else works, of which I can confirm.

    I actually logged in JUST to confirm this. I've never been a big fan of flying around, so I've only got this on my server for the superior EU storage, and I had to run my reactor for two complete cycles (splitting the signal between my Mass Fab and charging the Ultimate Lappack) to fill the lappack.

    Seriously, this is so great! I'll be able to mine around my mystcraft ages without worrying about EU for my diamond drill now

    In 1.95 I kept getting terrawart, until I tried crossbreeding two of it (and when it started growing, I placed a soul sand block under its soil block) and got netherwart. I don't quite remember what stage of growth it was in, but I could have simply gotten lucky. I haven't gotten Terrawart in 1.97 yet.

    Yeah, they still ended up non-stackable. I also found out that I can't ACTUALLY run the cropnalyzer with a Lapotron Crystal.

    I've got a sort-of workaround, if I plant the non-stackable seeds back down, any seeds or products from THAT result are stackable. Works the same way with seedbags that the cropnalyzer doesn't want to take. Seems like a weird bug for me to have.

    Alternatively, I can dump all of the products into a trans tablet and pull out regular stackables of them.