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    Wrong, you don't "need to sue for damages". You can very much so file a suit to get them shut down.

    Yes you can file a cease and disist as I stated but you would need to pay to do so. I doubt most mod devs consider it worth the money. You will not I didn't say that the copyrights were illegal I said unenforceable which means that because there is no real substance to the claim the best that a mod dev could hope for is to get technic to stop and it would require a large outlay of money to get that done.

    You can copyright you mods but the overall copyright is unenforceable because (at least in the U.S.) you need to sue for damages, and you need to be able to show those damages. Mods are free anyone can download them so showing monetary damage is almost impossible. You could have a lawyer draw up a cease and desist but that would cost a lot of money and for very little gain.

    You could create a lawsuit that stated, this guy had his modpack that I didn't give permission to use and he got x downloads that denied me x amount of site ad revenue. However you still would need to prove that A. that without the mod pack the people would have come directly to you and downloaded it, and B. the about of revenue you got from ad's is guaranteed and it isn't because of ad block, no script and other programs.

    I don't know the accuracy but according to Kakermix the only mods that have refused to give permission to distribute to technic are buildcraft and forestry and forestry is going to be removed due to incompatibility