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    Sorry for the late reply killer, you've been added. If you're still having problems with the modpack let me know, sounds like you're having a java issue but I don't know what would be causing it. I can teamviewer you later tonight or tomorrow if you've available.

    Edit: I figured out what the problem is, custom Java garbage in the bat (I copied it from elsewhere), so works fine on my PC but doesn't translate to someone else's. I fixed it and forced it to run minecraft.exe, for a workaround rename minecraft.exe javaw, It will be fixed with the next release (MC1.3)
    To manually fix: replace the "start javaw..." line in the bat with "start Minecraft.exe"

    Her derp TLDR

    Yes. I've fixed the problem. You're probably right about our legal system though.

    Scraggley: The config files are DEFAULT, not modified in any way. If you have properly installed modloader and forge, OR use the easy to install modpack I provided, you shouldn't have a problem. To install using the modpack, just extract the files to wherever multimc has created a fresh vanilla 1.2.5 minecraft directory.

    Your forge is probably the wrong version (outdated or advancedated), use the modpack I just uploaded to the front page do a complete install, let me know if you have any issues.

    Quote from Timmie3054

    You can't claim what you did is "Fair Use". As its not fair to mojang that you are distributing there game.

    Yes, I can. How is it not fair to mojang? I am targeting players that already own a valid license.

    Quote from Timmie3054

    You fail to realize that the only file you need to play minecraft is the minecraft.jar. All the other files are easily attainable. As most of the files are not even mojang's work to begin with. They are java dependency.
    Its will also be easier in the future when mojang releases there "Demo" of minecraft. People can just use your jar file and play the game for free.
    Distributing the minecraft jar makes you a pirate. Stop trying to claim fair use. You don't see any other mod packs that have the minecraft.jar included. You cant distribute the minecraft.jar file. This is why there are mod packs.

    You know, you're right, I'm a bloody pirate. I'm distributing the minecraft.jar to people that already own minecraft, now that's mighty unfair isn't it?

    And it's so difficult for my fellow pirate brethren to get a copy of the jar elsewhere, I am the sole and single almighty source. I'm solely responsible for all those other poor saps getting everything for free. I mean, who can blame them when I make it so easy? All they have to do is download MY jar, get all the other files from elsewhere, crack the login and version protection! Child's play, really.

    I should do it the same way all other mod packs do it. I should force those pirates to go elsewhere! Those hardcore pirates still won't pay for minecraft, and the soft-core pirates will find something else to get for free.

    I should make things difficult for my legitimate server users just to spite those bloody pirates! Now that's customer service, and is sure to increase popularity for mods and for minecraft!

    End sarcasm.
    Have a nice logical day.

    Yes. Some of the documentation is weak. Personally, if I'm going to RTFM, all i want is details. I don't need humor, that's what youtube is for. On a bright note, the wiki gets better every day.

    And of course, trial and error is sometimes exciting.

    Obviously your not old enough to understand this, so I'm going to just stop arguing with you. Your download was already removed for distributing copyrighted material, so I don't see why your still trying to prove your self right.

    I can assure you that I understand what you are saying perfectly, and I am disagreeing with your view point. Interpretation of the law is up to each individual citizen, in the united states that's why we have the judicial system. I am trying to keep a civil argument and NOT verbally attack you.

    Further, distributing copyrighted work does not make one a pirate. In fact, in the United States, it is perfectly legal as long as it falls under fair use, see "". Also, I was providing the jar as a convenience to those whom already own a license to Minecraft, not for the use of crackers who have no use for my incomplete file set anyways.

    And further, 'Terms of Use' and EULAs have little to no legal weight. They are often combined with license agreements to allow one party to legally revoke the agreement.

    Also, if your still think you not breaking the terms of use. Then maybe you should actually read them

    So you're saying that everyone who retweets jeb is breaking the terms of use right? Because he made those statements and they are redistributing them. You're going to say that it's not the same thing, and I will disagree, it is the EXACT same thing, except for the length of the work. So the question is, how long is acceptable? That's up to your interpretation.

    If you read the second paragraph, it states 'we need all game downloads to come from a single central source: us. ' I feel like that clause is the most important one, which I do follow.

    Distirbuting information or violating the terms of an EULA does not make you a pirate, it is simply legal grounds for refusal and termination of service. (In the United States at least).

    Dude, you did not provide a modpack.

    Yes, 'Dude', I did. It's a package containing all the mod files required to play on my server.

    You provided the minecraft.jar. Its in the folder Step 8.

    Yes, a modified one.

    Your[sic] not allowed to distribute the minecraft.jar

    Distributing a modified minecraft jar is within the terms of service. It's a minor derivative work that is inoperable without the core files, which follows their terms of use (as far as I can interpret). My pack still requires users to download the whole minecraft files from mojang before it will work.

    If you need me to make you a real modpack hit me up with a pm.