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    By my current count IC2 uses 27 block ID's. Other mods can fit many blocks into fewer block IDs. This can lead to frustration when trying to install many mods to work alongside IC2. Would it be possible to compress this number down, and fit the current number of blocks into fewer block ID's?

    I realize that this change would break many current worlds, but perhaps this would be possible for a release for the next major version of Minecraft?

    Because the system works, even if its a bit wonky it still works.

    Sure, I can imagine some people really like the current system and have planned their builds around it. Changing to a system like this would likely ruin a lot of existing industrial setups.

    Perhaps the devs could implement a system like this, but leave a config option to use the current system for those who prefer it?

    Excellently written post, I really hope that the IC2 devs read and comment / implement on this topic. Or at the very least, that some enterprising modder writes an addon to do all this.

    Well articulated and well reasoned post from what I can read (its been a long day), will reread this after I've had some sleep; but at the moment I can't find a fault in OP's reasoning other than to say that such a major shift in the mod is likely to be a low priority for the designers.

    I have no idea why fixing one of the clearly broken parts of IC2 wouldnt be a priority, but then again adding pointless time-wasting toys like crops and brewing seem to be more their concern nowadays...

    I'm interested in writing an addon to IC2, and I've used mcp to write a few small things in minecraft, but I have no clue how to get IC2 working with mcp.

    I tried by putting all the files from the IC2 jar into my minecraft.jar, but when I run the forge install script I get the following error during Retroguard:
    COM.rl.obf.classfile.ClassFileException: ClassNotFound forge/ITextureProvider

    I'm currently using mcp 6.1, Industrialcraft 1.90, Modloader and ModloaderMP 1.2.4, Forge Any help would be greatly appreciated so I can start working on my IC2 addon!