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    Installing other Versions of Forge does not seem to work. Every time i´ve tried the Modpack replaced the edited files with original files, it has downloaded. Denying access to the internet resulted in errors. Maybe i will find a solution for that.




    I´ve tried to include IC2 (Version 2.2.828) in the Life in the Woods Modpack (MineCraft version 1.7.10). It includes MC Forge version and Forge ModLoader Version The game always crashes, when I am rightclicking on any machine or energy-storage. The FAQ of the Download-Page claims that this problem is caused by a incompatible version of the ModLoader. But I am not sure if it´s a good idea to replace the modloader of this modpack.

    Does someone know how IC2 could work or if i could simply replace the modloader without damaging the modpack?