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    So, you must find some substance from vanilla Minecraft and insert it in isotope extractor. :) Wikipedia can help you in that case.

    P.S. Can't wait for the update! ;(

    Thanks for the reply but i'm not asking about Lithium-6. I'm asking about the unnamed purple cell depicted in my screen shot.

    **EDIT** Okay, using creative I found the purple cell is tritium. This is my current fusion reactor set up Can anyone help me understand why my Lithium-6 is not being bred into Tritium?

    **EDIT2** - I logged into single player and built a fusion reactor ( I have it wired with fibre directly to an MFE. As you can see, the center red circle fills properly but no power is transmitted. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?

    **EDIT3** - Got the fusion reactor to transmit power in SMP but after leaving it running for 5 or so minutes, the lithium 6 and deuterium disappeared and no tritium spawned. Also, when punching the Fusion reactor, is the read-out provided supposed to function? I saw no notes in the SMP limitations about this not working.

    **EDIT4** ~ Man this has been an adventure... I solved my problem. Looks like you have to use a charged battery to -jump start- the Fusion process. Keen!


    Haven't seen this addressed anywhere. I'm running MC 1.1 & the latest version of IC2/RocketScience compatible with that version of MC.

    • When place 20 lithium cells in the Isotropic Separator, they are not converted. The I.S. *does* separate deuterium from water however. **EDIT** I resolved this by loading the Isotopic Separator with more water cells thus completing another Deuterium cell. To rephrase; the I.S. won't process Lithium if it's partway through a Deuterium producing cycle. Load it with more water cells to get past this.

      Zoinks! As I was writing this I was reminded of this section "Note that a separator that is currently processing deuterium won't accept lithium cells, or vice-versa." ~ Thanks for providing enough information for me to solve my own problems folks!

    • Also, the lightning bolt icon does not turn red though it is receiving LV current. Noticed this on bug list, please disregard.
    • Lastly; I'm of the opinion the I.S. should be a medium voltage machine at least. My grounds are based on the use of an advanced machine it it's construction.

    I have not had a chance to enjoy this mod yet but I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks for taking the time to make it!

    **Edit ** Sorry 1 more question. What is purple fuel cell featured here: and how do I get it?


    Problem: IC2 crashes the client when too many machines are running

    ### Information ###
    Steps to Replicate:

    - Build 8 macerators
    - Build 8 Electro furnaces
    - Wire them all to a 4 cluster (5 panels per cluster) solar panel with 3 batt boxes running power to the macerator/furnace wall
    - Load every macerator

    Expected Result: Client would remain stable during maceration process

    Actual Result: client crash with following error:
    - Clients will also blackscreen and crash the MC client @ seeming random
    - Placing a torch next to chests or doors also cause a blackscreen crash

    Version of IC: IC2 v1.15 SMP

    Very addicting plugin. Looking forward to supporting your group via donations ;-)