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    ok, i literally have no idea why this isnt working, but here goes, this is my setup, two mfsu's that connect to an mfe, and then to an LV transformer that connects to copper cabling that runs all through the house. but if i run any more that two of the machines on this wall over here, all the power dies and doesnt come back untill i break all of them and put them back one by one (which would imply theirs to little power to go to all of them at once so it just stops? what?) ive tried having multiple MFe's going into one LV, replacing it with an MFSU, replacing the copper wire with gold, but nothing is working, WTF? any help?

    ok so i had an idea as of today, and i want to know if anyone else has any experience with doing this before... i need to know if its safe.

    so, lets say i have a mkIII reactor, that can run one cycle of 90 mins before exploding, in your opinion, would it be safe to make a simple program that sends redstone (to a NOT gate) to stop the reactor after about 2500 seconds? ( icant stand in front of the thing all day you know)

    for example:


    ok, so i set up a nuclear reactor at halfway to bedrock a bit under and to the side of my house, how am i soposed to move all that energy without most of the electrisity being lost..... ALSO, i sont understand the reactors output, how does it evaporate some cables the more uranium you put in it if its only increasing EU/T, i thought EUP is what evaporated things....