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    Maybe the ruined machines (and generally machine or other ic stuff you don't need any longer) could be recycled in an advanced recycler which doesn't give you scrap but some parts.
    For intact machines good chances to get any or (very very rarely) almost all materials used in the construction back, for ruined ones low chances.
    Like that recycling a batbox could give you back some wood, some cables and some of the batteries or for other things, since most use them, the circuits. Just an idea.

    Funny idea although I'd have designed the recipe a bit different, a battery at the lower left end, the circuit in the middle, the magnetizer at the upper right, then below that an iron wire (maybe 1x isolated) and below that the teslacoil.

    Noerts sprite is good but the fact that the 'stick' looks more like a rifle body bothers me : /
    For the 'stick' the magnetizer could be the base, having the circuit and battery built into it although that energy bar on it was a nice thing to show it's not a normal fishing rod.
    Since we're working with high power there it would make sense to make it just black to show it's wrapped up with rubber to keep you from zapping yourself.

    Which brings me to a question, does it zap nearby squid too? (I know it wouldn't draw in the ink, that WOULD be non-sense)

    Just as idea but maybe it would speed things up if you wouldn't update the shown numbers after each calculation but do that only every 10 calculations.

    If that updating should be the biggest performance brake maybe it would even be possible to let it simulate all 100k ticks but only update after 100.

    For code simplicitys sake, even a 1 chamber reactor has all 54 slots, they are just not used and regulary cleared. BC pipe drops stuff into a slot that isnt "permitted" and removes the item from it.

    Maybe it could be fixed by having the reactor try to move things from hidden slots to free available ones and only start tossing if there's no space. Just if you wanna fix that, not that I'd need it. I prefer solar and geo gens :3


    Not exactly a fetish, but everyone gotta agree, it would be plain epic to trap a creeper into a hole, then run off into 100+ distance, pointing your crossair at him, hitting rightclick and watching him being fried by a oversized lazer... now i still wouldn't have a clue how to code the lazer effect :3

    Straight somewhat lighting effect + an upscaled laser shot from the mining laser? Just an idea because that scene sounds lovely :3

    oh and that thing should atleast burn away the first 50 blocks in it's way xD or atleast 20 :3

    also, who doesn't like oversized orbital weapon platforms with lasers and whatever else there is? (anyone played X3r with that addon pack where you can have your own orbital weapon platforms? :3)

    and @topic: as cool as it sounds I have already problems coming up with own good designs for the current ones, if that's then taken a dimension up and prevent you from reaching parts behind parts... well I think it should be left like it is for now ^^ (but with temp control blocks later :D)

    I like it a lot but there seems to be a small bug where it doesn't want to update when you place something.

    In the attached screen I just placed the lower u-cell after the upper one and as you can see it calculates the output correctly but not the affected neighbors. Changing these unaffected ones also doesn't update, it act's like the lower one is not present at all, except for the energy calculation and maybe the lifetime.

    PS: no that's not a finished design :P

    oh and maybe you could display heat in a gradient from the default grey towards full red depending on how close that part is towards melting? It's already nice that you can see which parts will melt but it would be nicer if you could also see how close some are to melting.
    Just mentioning cause I had a 'safe' design that ends up a sneeze away from melting most parts ^^;

    I just updated to 1.23 and short before that in 1.15 I noticed that the sound that get's generated from something runs on if you quit and return to the main menu. This is still the case with 1.23.

    The list what 'something' could be is the following: geogen, pump, miner (not running), mfsu, batbox, lv and mv transformers.
    I haven't pinned down which of these does that sound, it's a more or less gentle humming with a 'tap' or 'knock' in it's loop but if I'd have to guess I'd blame the gen.

    Slight offtopic: is the list of known bugs not going to get updated anymore?

    It seems to not bother with lava at all, pump ready or not. In 1.00 it seemed to work but there it didn't go through the lava, now it does but only fills the lava it 'mines' and even if you lock it on height by giving it no further mining pipes it doesn't wanna supply the pump with lava.

    I was playing around a bit and mined a shaft in the hopes of finding lava at the bottom to test a setup, then I noticed I used the OD scanner instead of the OV scanner so I retracted all pipes and let it start a new and was later wondering why it stopped but left me more pipes over than before.
    So I went down and saw that the mining head stopped before some flown in water. I then blocked the flow into the shaft and it instantly went on.

    Hope this wasn't reported yet but searching for "miner water" didn't show anything.

    Oh and it seems to ignore ores not from vanilla or IC.

    Fine by me, but as far as i know, if you do reduce the infamous (XD) hit-box of those cables the RedPower "plate" should works properly.

    No it won't, unless he writes either his own version of it or makes IC dependant on RedPower Core (which won't happen I bet).
    Elo's coverplates work only with her RP wires and nothing else. The question if they can be used for BC pipes comes up quite often and the answer is always the same.
    But Al's idea is good idea too, some platic blob you put around the cable so it becomes a normal block again and then the obfuscator thing can change the look of that block.

    That's weird, I didn't have zapped cows but instead got zapped from a 1x insulated hv cable coming from a MFSU going into a MVT at 1 block range.
    2x stopped the zapping, I could even walk on the cable then. So if 1x already zaps me with 1 block range how comes your bare one zaps you only on touching?

    Anyways that zapping can be useful, I guess it can make a nice floor for a mob grinder XD eats maybe less power than a tesla coil, just need to keep the wire not longer than needed.

    Ok I asked Elo about it and it seems the problem is the powerlevel needed for the effect.
    I guess if the storages would be changed to work with indirect powering (I guess that's the same as running redstone over a block next to it) it would work with just connected RP wire too.
    She mentioned that it now only reacts to strong power (I guess even a direct connected RP wire gives less) but what that means does only one know that modded with redstone so I don't XD