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    Take a guess why, the canning machine has 4 slots. So the pipe of course goes WTF?! as it doesn't know that thing since it's not based anymore on already existing things like the furnace. Basically everything in IC1 was a furnace variation.

    What I don't know if Al can do much about that as I'm unsure if SpaceToad prepared BC already for such advanced interaction. Guess since I'm on the helper team of BC I'll make Toad aware of it.

    About the deconstructing with the wrench: I really hope this fail chance will NOT come back, it was the most hated thing for me in IC
    About mobility with crystals:
    S = MFSU
    V = MV Transformator
    L = LV Transformator
    C = Chest
    M = Miner
    Throw in a Lapotron and off it goes, when done simply charge it back and pack everything up.

    But about the mobile charging of other things: well there are crystals useless, some things aren't chargeable with batteries and nothing with crystals (laser, jetpack dunno what else) but I hope that changes :3

    How about putting a miner with OV Scanner above a large lava lake, attach a pump to it and multiple geogens next to the pump.
    Solved. :3

    If that would just work...

    Maybe my setup is wrong but I guess it's the fact that the drill refuses to enter the lava if no buckets or empty cells are in reach of the pump and even if it only does enter the lava, pump one lava block and then doesn't do anything anymore. Well if it's only a 1 block thick lava layer it continues to drill.

    The thing next to the chest is the miner, next to that with the cable is the pump, next to that with the cables are the geogens.

    it would eventually be immensely imbalanced to grow diamonds

    uhm, you can already grow diamonds, in a way. Use one of the mentioned cacti farms -> recycler, make scrapboxes = unlimited amounts of everything of value (and some new crap to feed back into them).

    As much as I like the scrapboxes I also think they are the most unbalanced part of IC. Sure they can contain total crap like a gold helm but still, a free to maintain (unless you have NatureOverhaul) cacti farm -> recycler renders going out for resources unneccessary. At first I thought they were gone in IC2 because of that but they are back in v1 so I guessed wrong : /
    Maybe they'd just need an adjusting in their ratio of crap vs useful things but then again, just size up your farms and add a few more recyclers ^^

    I even had my recycler set up that it had a BC filter where I could just open the boxes into, everything I marked as crap was immediately fed back into the recyclers xD the rest went through the sorting system.

    Thinking about this I think you can even get 'free' uranium that way, well not from the scrapboxes but maybe the scrap boosts the matter gen enough so a few uranium cell could produce way more than 6 matter per cell (6 = 1 uranium) so you'd end up gaining uranium without doing anything.
    I'll test that later, after I found a new reactor design.

    uhm well, I was gonna suggest a simpler version of this: a temperature sensor. Right click could open a GUI to select a heat amount (0 to 9k in 1k steps, meaning 10 buttons f.e.) and then place it next to a reactor / chamber.

    Two of them could then f.e. be used to shut it down at 9k until it's below 5k (with help from RP, building latches with vanilla is ... tiring)

    But I fear this isn't gonna happen as you could simply use one and link it directly to the reactor so it would always just shut down when it's getting too hot and therefore taking away the point of making a good design for it. No real idea how to counter that.

    Well that's somewhat of a point there, although I'd rather just let it run without cooling than put lava in it.

    But maybe water cells don't work because they are a bit too easy to make in large amounts. Buckets are harder since you gotta fill all of them and snowballs, well can you even automate that?

    Yeah I guess water cells don't work on purpose. If they would you could just make water cell farms with BC and pump these into the reactor = unlimited cooling way more powerful than normal means. (let aside the constant tin consumtion)

    I was thinking that the miner can use up way more than the 64 pipes we can give it into it's slot and thought maybe it could pull additional pipes from it's chest while mining so it can keep going until it hits the end without interaction.
    But then I thought about filling the hole, how would it know what to use to keep filling if it's stack should run low?

    So seeing that the induction furnace has 2 slots I thought the miner could get 2 too, that way we could give it 2 stacks of pipes if it should mine or 2 stacks of cobble to fill the hole when it's done.

    I tried the pump out since it got more working in v1 now and found a few things:

    The pump throws out all filled items (I figured already out it's meant to be used with a chest) even if there's space left after filling them, like 1 bucket in the upper slot or just 1 cell.
    They also don't threw them into BC pipes if present although I only tried a stone pipe but since pulling shouldn't be needed as it's spitting them out I guess it should work with all types if it would.

    When using a Miner Pump combo the miner can't use a double chest that touches both, Miner and Pump.
    If set up like this: C = chest, P = pump, M = miner
    In this setup the pump seems to be working with the chest but the miner just spits it's blocks out and yeah, I made sure there was space in the chest.

    Lava pumping with that combo in the nether worked (after I gave the miner it's own chest to prevent spitting) but it's far from effecient, but as exchange infinite. If you like manual labor.
    This comes from the fact that the miner drill stops after entering the lava. The pump also only pumps that one lava block it entered, even if it stops in a whole lake of lava. I also checked the height but that was between 20 and 30.
    As exchange it can pump flow lava as I made it retract and re-enter the same block 2 times I end up with 3 buckets of lava although there was only 1 source block.
    But when I tried mining a flow block not surrounded by source blocks it didn't give lava. Weird.

    The miner also seems to ignore glowstone with the OV scanner of which I don't know if it's on purpose or not, but at the bottom where the lava was, short before where it stopped due to said lava was also glowstone still in range of the miner.
    2 blocks above the lava it was like this: A = air, G = glowstone, M = miner drill
    I don't know if that air block now was a problem or if it just didn't care about it but well, that glowstone was left untouched.
    Both scanners give a damn about glowstone. In and outside of the miner.

    Also, when I just tested mining down again with an OD scanner instead of the OV scanner (which I used for all other things before) something blew up when the drill entered the lava.
    The setup was like this: S = MFSU, V = MV Transformator, L = LV Transformator, B = Cable (ins. copper)
    I guess somehow the entering in the lava reminded the MV Tranformator that it can overpower the pump, which it then did. But weird that it just noticed that with the lava. Mhm I guess the filled bucket in the chest next to the pump triggered and update which remininded it. Good to know that I have to avoid this setup in the future xD

    Funfact: mining a hole into the void limits you to that coord in noclip, no escaping that with noclip.

    Edit: it's not infinite, it just takes a source block from somewhere else, but it still only does that one time upon entering lava. If there are 2 lava blocks on top of each other it stops after entering the upper block.

    Edit 2: The pump also doesn't seem to like to take empty cells from a chest. Seems to work only from the internal slot.