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    start transmission
    destination greg
    i need a few zpe moduals to power my inter dimensional engine
    my inter galaxy engine is gone upgraded to 5 inter dimentialal engines. i need almost 30 zpe moduals. hurry. i just sent the materials for a sunnarium infused mining laser and sunnarium infused nano sabre. remember sunnarium is upgraded iridum. you need as mutch power as a iridum sabre but it replenishes its own power.
    remembe that spambots are like zombies. DESTROY THE BRAIN AT ALL COSTS!!!!!
    end transmission

    start transmission
    my ship is gone
    all that i have left is a small escape pod
    i deconstructed it
    becuase of the teleport my ship would ether burn up in a sun or be captured by spambots. the latter is why i deconstruced it. it is capable of inter-galaxy travel.
    when i get onboard i request to put my inter-galaxy engine to good use on your ship.
    teleporting as soon as this last lapatron is done charging.
    -teleporter boots up-
    ending transmission then teleporting.
    end transmission

    start transmission
    the power of the transmissions are getting stronger
    that means im getting closer to minecraftia
    my teleporter will only send transmissions now
    im running out of power
    no more planets
    i neede to teleport somewhere
    nathan i am asking to board your ship
    i have all the important stuff with me.
    answer quickly.
    i wont have enough power to run the life support and still have a teleport in about 12 hours.
    end transmission.

    Transmission started
    I am to far out to be of risk of spambot hacking but i am keeping short anyway.
    i just built a teleporter and i have tuned it to the frequency of yours
    sending the tanks over to you
    and the entire production facility because it is good to have
    it will take about 2 days to rebuild but still i am not low on resources.
    any planet i see i quarry out for usefull resources.
    -huge mechanical noise-
    well jjust found another planet. im running scans on it. -mechanical whirring.
    this is odd
    it seems to be made of pure vis and the moon is pure taint!!!!
    this is a breakthough for you.
    capsuling now
    -recording paused-
    2 hours later
    -recording resumed-
    i am sending you the contents of the moon and the planet itself in capsules. i am shure you have the resources to uncapsule them, but just incase im sending you a portable uncapsuler. just plug it into the lines and it will do the rest.
    Oh Crap
    the transmission is to long.
    the spambots are picking up on me getting into my computer.
    well at least i dont have nortin. Whatever you do do not get nortan in is a spambot!.
    end transmission

    Start Transmission
    I have been lost in deep space for years. serching for minecraftia but i couldnt find any transmissions. finally someone brodcasted on a freqency high enough to get to my ship. i calculate i am 2000 million block away from minecraftia by how weak the signal was.
    the signal was from NathanKj. I have great news for you. i have about 200 thaumium reinforced tanks filled with pure taint and another 200 with pure vis!
    i will have to find a way to get them to you though. i also have a huge vis and taint production facility. i can manufacture as many tanks filled with vis and taint as you need as long as you dont need any more than 2000 tanks of it. i have a vis and taint capsuler so that could come in handy. please use the highest freqency you can to contact me. i do not have a teleporter but i can make one if required!
    End Transmission