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    I don't know how to make it non-laggy. If everyone will monitor multiple crystal chests then I'll need a tons of iterations. Acceptable for SSP but a wasting of CPU for server.

    Maybe if you would give admins a way (via config) to restrict the usage of inventory monitoring. Could be useful in some places if used responsibly (like e.g. RP2 timers that also cause lag when driven to overkill).

    Not sure whether this has already been suggested or not, but would you consider adding an inventory sensor kit, so if linked to a chest, the information panel could display how many items are in that inventory? Probably not very useful for chests with miscellaneous stuff in them but for storage chests with a bunch of one item type – maybe even with the option to combine several sensor kits like the energy array location card.

    Of course I'm still around! :) I'm active almost daily on this forum. I do plan on updating Charging Bench for IC2 1.106 and Minecraft 1.3.2. That said, the new IC2 was literally just released yesterday (September 16th) and I haven't had time to even look at updating this yet. The 1.3.2 update may also take awhile longer as I planned on rewriting this to not call any internal IC2 code and only use the API. This will make future updates a lot easier.

    I appreciate your patience! :)

    Thanks alot for taking this on man!
    Here, have a :Industrial Diamond:

    The cropmatron keeps using EU even if there is no fertilizer, weed-ex or hydration cells inside. 8|
    Because of that, it never seems to reach the powered state (the little flash icon in it's GUI never turns red). Have 2 cropmatrons with 1 solar panel connected to each one.

    splitter cable works great

    RedPower wire >> redstone >> Splitter cable

    splitter cable doesnt work for me :(

    isn't "EU Detector and Splitter cables connect to redstone and can directly interact with RedPower wire" supposed to mean
    RP wire >>> splitter cable should work? well, it doesn't. would be great if it did.
    Also, just found out that redstone torch >>> splitter cable also doesn't work - except the torch is under the cable. bug or intended?

    So if it's not compatible It will crash on Mincraft start, right? but it crashes when i enter my map with maybe 1 or 2 charging benches, not sure.

    No crashes for me. Works like a charm with IC2 v1.95. I'm using ModloaderMP and Forge Before that I used Forge or so. I want better shift-click support tho. Drashian, can we have that plz? :rolleyes:

    Logistic Pipes are good but not really needed, because Autocraftingcomplexes, are too inefficient for me. (And i don't even mean the Contructioncosts)

    The only thing i need form BC, is the Autocraftingtable for things like Bonemeal (Macerator is better), Mixed Metal Ingots (Projecttable is better) or Books (still Projecttable). Oops, i crossed out all potential uses for a Autocraftingtable. :D

    This Argumentation is good to find BC-uses, even if i can actually slap down all your arguments with Redpower or Computercraft. :)

    I think you don't have a clue what Logistic Pipes do, but hey - you don't even wanna know, so whatever. nvm

    Yet again a small reminder why BC + addons is still more convenient for some purposes and therefore not becoming useless (and I'm not talkin about the overpowered teleport pipe which I don't use):

    BC + Logistic Pipes --> Crafting Pipes @ Auto-Craftingtables + delivery on demand (manually or automated) --> Profit

    Don't get me wrong. I very much apprechiate the idea of improving BC compatibility. However I'm far from pessimistic about BC's uses.

    I see that BC dies, because of the awesomeness and bugfreeness of Redpower. (...)

    I might be wrong but I don't see BC dying, especially with the cool features that some BC addons like Logistic Pipes, Additional Pipes and others provide (Yes, teleport pipes are overpowered and should be seperated from the rest of the addon).
    Sengir and Krapht did a pretty good job after they took over BC from Spacetoad, granted the fact that they didnt add any new features that are noteworthy. Of course Sengir has his hands full with maintaining Forestry.


    (...) Further, recall that Buildcraft's Combustion Engines rely entirely upon non-renewable resources.(...)

    Not if you are using Forestry where you can produce Biofuel. At that point you become independent from oil.

    I like the ideas but I'm not sure if it's the right approach to work solely on IC2/BC compatibility. The other mods should be taken into account as well.
    Won't run further off-topic.

    PS: Sorry, I'm a noob but how do I add quotes from two or more different people so that it shows every person I quoted?