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    Nuclear is early midgame. In vanilla IC2 endgame you will run out of uranium, because your mining speed is limited. Windmills are endgame.

    Ever heard of Breeders? It'll go a long way to stretching out your uranium supply. Besides, once you get your full Quantum, what is there to do that requires that much power?

    why is nobody using power converters water strainer? it's still very cheap and you can pump water via a BC pump powered by 4redstone engines directly into it, which is enough to power 4 strainer for 8EU/t, a good enough output to get your first machines running.

    Probably because some of us like playing with BC 3.x's Gates, and Power Converters is STILL not compatible with it? Or how about Power Converters not even being updated for 1.2.5, and is pretty much Abandonware at this point?

    And a pump with four redstone engines is good enough for *nine* strainers, for 18 eu/tic.

    That's not really good way to do it, you waste a lot and i thought there will be some sort of mechanics to it like when using scaffolds.

    Depends on how much wire you want covered. It'll still do only 13 wire at a time with your CF sprayer.

    As far as efficiency, it beats the 1:1 ratio if you just apply it block by block.

    As an additional bonus, it does protect wires from explosions, like if you forget to upgrade your transformers when you upgrade the voltage on your energy storage device.

    Not bad. A little tinkering and I came up with this variant. It requires a bit more resources, but requires no water. It is a Mk II-1 reactor, but you can still run a full cycle before you need to let it cool down, so at least it won't melt down on its own.

    Since it requires no water, you can literally build it anywhere.

    well then, now all i need for my farm is mod that gives me pea shooting plants to keep those zombie chickens and sheeps of my farm

    This does give me an idea for a mod... not the actual PvZ, but many of the elements therein. Harvest the Sunflowers for resources to produce the other plants. More importantly, the zombie opponents would be fun to play with. Seeing a Gargantar stomping to your base ought to elicit a response. Football zombies do extra damage on a charge. Balloon zombies float through the air, then drop down on you. Fun times.

    Yea, geothermals seem to be king. A battery of nine geothermals, around three golden waterproof pipes, produces 180 EU/tic.

    To get that kind of energy output, the nuclear plant with an identical EU output is found here. This has a MASSIVE amount of resources and subcombines necessary, and has a (slight) explosion risk, due to it being a Mk II-1 reactor (but only if you run it multiple cycles without allowing cooldown first).

    Let's look at a cost analysis:

    9x Geothermal plants:

    9 Generators
    18 Refined Iron
    18 Glass
    36 Cells

    The aforementioned plants:
    216 Copper
    80 Advanced Alloy
    22 Advanced Circuits
    8 Machine blocks
    1 Generator
    132 Water cells
    10 Uranium Cells

    Yeah, but I'd wager they don't put the water in by bucket. I'd also wager that they don't just throw ice at it either (maybe in extreme circumstances where they need to cool quickly). But either way there has to be a more interesting way to setup the "nuclear reactor minigame".

    Actually, one of the more commonly used failsafes used in modern designs is an 'ice plug'. Basically, you've got a lake on top of the reactor. To this lake, you have a pipe. The pipe is cooled to below 0C (32 F) and creates an 'ice plug' which prevents the lake from dumping into the reactor. In the event of a runaway reaction, core temperature rises to the point where the ice plug is melted, and the lake dumps into the reactor chamber, flooding it, cooling it down and ending the reaction because the control rods are held up and out of the way via electromagnets. Electromagnets have a fuse which is temperature-controlled, when the temperature exceeds safe levels by a margin of error, the fuses blow and the rods automatically slide into place. Failure of power also causes the rods to slide down into place.

    When asked what if it fails, the response was "To date, in all of recorded history, we have never encountered a failure for ice to melt at high temperatures or things to fall down as a result of gravity. Should either of these things fail to occur for the first time in recorded history, we will have far bigger problems than a possible nuclear meltdown, since both of these things are required for our atmosphere to continue to exist." Strangely enough, there was no rebuttal.

    It may not be the cheapest (in fact, it is the most expensive), but it is certainly the highest eu output of a MK I-O reactor that I have yet seen that does not require SUC.



    Total EU: 180,000
    EU/Tic 90
    Efficiency: 1.8
    Excess heat: 0

    Resources needed:
    6 reactor chambers
    9 Integrated Heat Dispensers
    23 Coolant Cells
    5 Uranium Cells

    Here's a Mk I-O for 100 EU/tic, just needs one more Integrated Heat Dispenser and another uranium cell:


    * Find a suitable place to live. Ensure you have sufficient rubber trees locally, or you have sufficient rubber tree saplings to create a small plantation to harvest from.

    * Build a house which is mob-proof, including overhangs along the roof to keep spiders off. Possible entries include underwater from a shore or river bottom, to prevent doors being beaten down.

    * Mine and gather resources. In particular, get up an iron/gem pickaxe to harvest Redstone. Furthermore, attempt to locate an abandoned mine and check chests for Melon seeds.

    * Make Generator, Macerator, Extractor, and Electric Furnace. If you have sufficient resources, also a bat-box.

    * Make your electric tools... notably the drill and the chainsaw. Once you have the resources, also make a battpack

    * Establish solid mining base at level y10 for branch mining operations. Intent is primarily for gold and diamonds, but any other resources can be husbanded for future projects. In particular, copper and tin will be used extensively for setting up the next stage of energy generation and for Forestry.

    * Use RP2 Retriever, Filter, and Deployer along with some RP pneumatic tubes to bucket-brigade water mills. This is a continuous and consistent power supply necessary to upgrade facility.

    * Upgrade machines to Advanced Machines, except Extractor (which requires Electrolyzed Water Cells), which shall be put in storage after producing Electrolyzer.

    * Upgrade batbox to MFE. Attach Electrolyzer and get the electrolyzed water cells to upgrade extractor.

    * Create Nano armor for head, legs, and feet.

    * Create nano-sabre.

    * Sprint through Nether for Glowstone. Make Lappack.

    * Start up Forestry production, using an Electric Engine to start up the Thermionic Fabricator.

    * Create Peat Bog, Turbary, Arboretum, and Logger

    * Create fermentor and biogas engines. Use surplus saplings from the Arboretum and Fertilizer using Apatite until you have sufficient ash production for more efficient fertilizer production.

    * Create Lasers and Assembly Table. Start producing gold circuits.

    * Create Logistics Pipes network, using circuits in place of gears for resource conservation. Hook up Forestry machines and the peat engines that run them to fully automate.

    *Create chassis-pipe based sorting system, using polymorphic item sink module and a Provider module for storage. Set up your 'sorting chest' with Quicksort Module and ItemSink module set to default route (any items the system doesn't know what to do with will end up in sorting chest). Sorting chest can be any size, or may be an EnderChest for ease of remote sorting.

    * Start up your mass resource harvesting system of choice, be it RP2 Frame + Blockbreaker, or Quarry, or whatever you prefer.

    * Firmly establish nether base. Secure blaze spawner. Set up Mass Fab with MFSU powered by long series of Geothermal Plants fed by lava pumped from the endless lava oceans prevalent in the Nether. Feed scrap via EnderChest attached to block breaker + cobblegen. Flip back to Overworld from time to time to refill enderchest with scrap.

    * Make the last suit you will ever wear, and win.

    I also got this error.

    Fiddling around with the various mods I use, I have found that if ThaumCraft2 is not active, then it does not throw this error, and I can play normally. But if ThaumCraft2 is active, then it throws this error.

    I was also fiddling around with BlockID's to fix that problem, when I got done resolving BlockID conflicts, this popped up.

    I can run with IC2 and not Thaumcraft2. I can run TC2 and not IC2. But the both together throw this exact same error.